cat always jumpy and throws up after eating

by Nathaniel
(Fort Belvoir, VA)

I have an adult siamese cat (came to us as adult he is probably 5-7 y/o now according to vets). he throws up after eating (have tried different types of dry and canned food with same result). he is otherwise healthy and does keep down enough to stay healthy and nourished.

He is also always really jumpy. the slightest movement makes him jump. my wife thinks he has problems seeing, but he is not blind and does not have any visible cataracts/cloudiness or damage.
We have a russian blue cat who is a little over 2 y/o and he likes to play/attack the siamese. siamese gets irritated. he does not have a playful personality. he likes to lay around.
Not sure how much of this is important, but that is as much detail as i know to give at this point.
This said, the question is... why is he so jumpy and why does he throw up, and do you think it is all related? if so, what can i do? (I don't want to get rid of either one of them).

It is difficult to say whether the two things are connected or not. It may be that the cat feels unwell due to the vomiting and this can make them a little edgy and nervous.
However nervous and jumpy cats may simply be reacting to things which have happened in their lifetime. A ct who has been through some difficult times may simply be on edge all the time anyway. I don’t know how long you have had your cat for but if it is less than 6 months then it could simply be that he is still getting used to his new home surroundings and living conditions i.e. with another cat around. Not all cats can settle down with other animals, but time will tell with this.

Try feeding him juts dry complete cat biscuits for awhile and giving him smaller portions so that he cannot over eat. I had a female cat who was sick every day after eating but this stopped once we transferred her to dry food only, this also encouraged her to drink more water and she became much healthier and stopped the vomiting. Make sure the dry food is good quality though.

You could also try some of those cat calming sprays or medications for your cat for a time, it may help them to relax and settle into their new home etc. See this page for more on this

Of course at the end of the day the best option of you have not taken him to see a vet is have him checked over properly so that you can rule out any other possible causes.

I hope he is better soon


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