cat and child..

by Samantha

i have a cat that was a stray and we have had her for a year and i also have a two year old child as well...i noticed my child a few times playing in the cat litter box and if i see that happening i was my childs hands but i think that he may get into the cat box when i am not in the room with him at all times as well...and i also notice the cat scratches my child and was can i know if my child or me has got any kind of cat diseases? and would my pediatrician be able to tell me if my son has any diseases caused from our cat though cat scratches or through the cats feces?

A quick solution to stopping your child getting into the cat litter box is to buy one of the covered litter boxes. The cat can get in must the child cannot, the worst that would happen is that the child could get there hands in it.

I have had cast all my life including when i was s small child. just like any normal cat, human relationship there have been the odd scratch etc. the worst that i have ever experienced would be an infection from a scratch but this is easily treatable and also preventable if the wounds are cleaned and antiseptic put on the wound.

As for catching anything from your cat the only thing worth keeping an eye out for is toxoplasmosis but then even this avoidable and treatable. please see my page about this here

Basically just plain common sense and hygiene is all that is needed. Also if you can persuade your child to stay away from the litter tray this would reduce any risk of infection by quite a lot.

I also have a page on my site about children and cats which you may also find of interest here

best wishes kate

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