cat and dog no longer friends?

by sue simion

I've got a mama cat and her kitten (about 8 months old). I also have a bichon frise dog. They have been friendly now ever since the kitten was born. I got my dog's hair cut a couple days ago, she does look different, and now both cat's are hissing and swatting at my dog as though they don't know her. How can I get them to be friends again. Thanks for your answer. Sue Simion

Answer by Kate
This is a common problem, it is known as truama aggression and it is a strange thing indeed. Basically when something upsets or frieghtens the cat they react by acting aggressivily towars each other or other pets etc even if those other pets had nothing to do with the truama, so a car back firing could make your cat attack your dog. Strange isn't it?

Any way in your case your dog not only looks different but probably smells different after being at the groomers and this has worried your cat enough to react this way.

It will suvside but to make things easier i always recommend a period of reintroducetion so keep them a part most of the time and only introduce them for short periods with the dog on a short lead so that the cat can see them but not be bothered by him. You can also rub the cats blanket over your dog to try and make him smell more familar to your cat etc. After a fe days the cat will get used to the dog again and things should return to normal. But take things slow to prevent further upset.

best wishes Kate

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