Cat And New Carpet Behavior

by Larry
(Groveport, OH)

Last Friday, 9/12 we had new carpet installed in our family room. Our 6 yr old cat has always used her litter box until this carpet was installed. Now she insists on peeing in the same spot on this new carpet. We really don't want to give her away so how can we get her to stop this behavior?

Thank you!

Answer by Kate
I can't belive you would consider giving your cat away because of this!

Anyway, this is a natural reaction to something changing in the home it has made the cat feel uncertain of their environement and the peeing is there way of marking the new item and makiing it smell of them so that they feel more secure. it is a temporaray situation.

Make sure you have thouroughly cleaned the carpet, once dry sprinckle bicarbonate of soda onto it leave for an hour then vacuum off, this will remove any traces of the urine smell. You can then try spraying your carpet with a citrus spray, cats don't like citrus smell and this should help to keep them off. it may also be a good idea to confine your cat to one room for a few days with their bed litter tray and toys etc, this will help the cat settle down in a smaller area and get used to using the litter tray again.

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