cat and new home

by Michelle
(Evans, GA)

I have moved several times in the last six years with my cat. I have never had a problem with her until the last few days. We moved into a condo a few days ago, at night she screams constantly at the top of her lungs and doesnt stop until the sun comes up. She has never done this before. i have tired a feliway plug in and xanax and neither have helped. Im at a loss, i dont want to get rid of her since i have had her for so long and I love her. What other options can you suggest for me?


Answer by Kate
you do not say whether or not your cat is spayed or not so it may be difficult to explain her behavior. it could be that there are other cats or animals in the condo which she can smell and she is night calling, this will be especially true if she is not spayed,and so having her spayed would help ease this situation.

if she is spayed then it could be either due to anxiety i.e new home etc or as i say she can smell other cats. unfortunately stopping a cat from yelling is very difficult. the secret is to make sure she is tired at night, so i always recommend that you have a good long runaround game with her about 45 minutes before bedtime, followed by a meal just before bedtime. this should help to settle her down for the night. Also the room where she sleeps needs to have lost of things to distract her if she wakes up in the night, so lots of different toys etc.

You could also try cleaning to apartment from top to bottom and use a odor neutralizer in case there is a smell from a previous animal in the apartment.

Apa rt from that I'm afraid she may just need some time to settle in to her new home. if her behavior continues like this for a period of time or you notice other changes then a trip to the vet to make sure that there are no possible illness involved may be a good idea

best wishes kate

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