Cat Attack

by Poppy

Hello im poppy and im 11

i do not no whats happening with my cat she had 4 kittens in july 2009 and she was all nice to them and was mean to us if we went near the kittens but now everything has changed the mother cat missie is now over 1 and half years old and we kept 2 boys out of 4 and she has been attacking them and the just have to be the other side of the room for her to run up to them and scrach and growl at them and know one can go near her sometimes i can but she is very nasty now and me and my mum are very worried now because the kittens could get hert. So what do we do if any one knows then plez tell us we would apresheate it because my mum said that if she dose not get over this then my cat missie the mother will have to go and i dont want that because she is mine so plez help if you know whats going on is it namal or is it dangerous.
Thnx :)

Answer by KAte
Hi poppy
This is completely normal behavior for cats. In the wild it is not piratical for cats too many cats to live in close proximity as food and mating would be a problem. So the mother cat will chase off her kittens so that they find their own territory.

Now i am guessing that you have not had her spayed and may not have had the boy cats neutered and this is causing your current problem. you see they will be fighting for territory and your female cat will not want the two boys near her territory especially if she gets pregnant again.

My recommendation is to make sure that all the cats are spayed / neutered . this will calm them all down and allow them to live more happily together.

best wishes Kate

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