Cat Back leg scratching

by Alison Waumsley

Our cat has taken to hunkering down on all fours and then scratching with her back legs. It is is done in a variety of places but her favourite spot is on the carpet by the lounge/kitchen door. Any thoughts why?

Answer from KAte
This would suggest a parasite or skin issue in that area.

fleas and other mites are fond of this back leg area and is often one of the first places you notice them.

Your cats behavior is definitely a sign that is is in some distress from the itching or biting and so the sooner you can discover the cause the better.

i have some pages which you may find of further help in this matter

best wishes Kate

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by: Cat man do

I have 2 cats one Bob a boy 2 spider a girl both different.

It's Bob that concerns me he loves going for a walk with me as soon as I'm dressed he is at the door ready to go out.

When he is out we have some waste ground that he likes to go and enjoy himself starts to roll over the ground then scratching the ground with all for paws.

He was found in a bag in a bin and with a lot of TLC he has come on and is a lovely cat he trusts me when we are out walking he even crosses the road on the zebra crossing when I say good boy he comes up rubbing himself against me

back legs kicking
by: Anonymous

My cat (male) does this all the time. He's clearly in a feisty mood and gets on top of a blanket bed on the floor and kicks with his back legs. It's actually pretty funny. It's similar to sharpening nails with front paws only he's using his back legs. He's in a feisty/playful mood--like he's getting ready to fight. Oftentimes it happens right after he poops. So funny.

My cat
by: Anonymous

The last answer I think comes closest to my question about what my cat is doing.its so funny and cute and a new behavior.he goes into a laying down position and then thumps his back legs kicking backwards scratching whatever surface he's on. Kind of like Joe a dog digs a hole with its front paws except he uses his back legs. Any ideas???

back legs scratching/scraping
by: liptugga

sorry kate but I don't think you have visualised what is happening
we have two lads here both brothers and Burmese

what the op is describing is what both my lads do

the hunker down over a shoe or any other spot and with there back legs scratch/scrape the back legs over the shoe or a certain part of the rug

it is like they are attracted to it and are scent marking it
my two lads never did this until around 6 months ago there 6 years old but still act like there 6 months old

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