Cat Back twitching...

by Alysha

My cat, Huck is about 6 or 7. He is a large boy and has always had very good household manners. Here lately, he has been twitching on his lower back. He runs away or tries to reach it but since he is so big, he can't reach. Over the weekend he pooped in our bedroom, I'm guessing as a reaction from the twitching. Now, he keeps peeing on all of the rugs instead of his litter box. What causes the twitching and how can I make it stop? We gave him a bath over the weekend because he had some dandruff build up, no fleas seen...I don't know what it could be!

This sort of cat twitching seems to be quite common> My own cat had this too and we found it very distressing to watch. we took her to the vets and he diagnosed a allergy to flea bites. Even though she was flea free, if one jumped on her in the garden bit her and then jumped off she would have a reaction to the bite. the vet gave her a anti histamine injection and this seemed to sort the issue out.

however I since learned of a condition called Feline Hyperesthesia syndrome, which i will be writing about on my site soon. look this up in the mean time and you will find lots of information about it. from what I have read so far, there does not appear to be cure but has to be managed. However before you assume that this si what it is, i would take him to the vets to rule out any possible skin allergy. See my page about cat allergies here

Hopefully like my cat this is a simple case which can be easily treated.

best wishes kate

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