cat behavior after mating

Hi, my female cat just mated 2 days ago but the tom is trying to mount her so many times that she is actually trying to avoid him right now and when he tries to mount her she flattens her body on the side. furthermore, she became very tired and vomited about 3 times and doesn't eat very well. can you help me please?

the behavior you describe is normal for a tom cat to try and mate over and over again with a female cat to ensure that he has offspring. her reaction is also normal for a female who has had enough. the only thing you can do is to keep your female cat separated from the tom for the next week of so when she will stop giving off the scent of a cat in heat (if she is pregnant).

As for her vomiting and not eating, this is difficult to diagnose. this may be an unrelated problem to being in heat. My advice would be to see how she is over the next couple of days and if the sickness continues to take her to see a vet.

In the meantime make sure she has easy access to plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

best wishes kate


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Did she matte
by: Anonymous

My cat in heat left the house for 15 to 20 min then she was back on the porch we looked for her listened for screaming we didn’t hear anything. But we realized that she was no longer agitated and miowling. She has been sleeping in her bed and keeps wanting me to pet her it seems to calm her does this mean she has matted, if she did what are the chances of her getting pregnant. We’re supposed to get her fixed next week.

It is possible if there are tom cats around. To be honest it is recommended that you don't let cats out until they are neutered, as females can get pregnant surprisingly young. Perhaps mention to the vet that she may be pregnant.

Female cat
by: Abdul gani

My female cat just mated 2 or 3 days ago she looks normal but isnt having food since 1 day properly she looks normal she acts normal she sleeps perfectly but isnt eating food...pls help

Help :
by: Mariku

Last week, saturday, my tom started going out and back in the house until thursday. We know that he's been mating and I've seen him with another male cat but strangely, they don't fight. My cat is usually aggressive but when he was faced with this tom, he didn't fight. They were both after one female cat but they weren't fighting. When he came back, though, he had a wound on his paw and refused to let me cover it with bandage, letting him bleed a lot until the blood dried. He was eating less, sleeping A LOT more. His cycle has just been eating,restroom and back to sleeping until he's hungry again.

He often scratches me when I rub his belly, but now, he just lifts his feet and let me rub it like how my dog does. He doesn't even want to play or run after anything...

I Really need Help
by: Samira

I have had a male cat for a little over a year now amd 2 days ago he came in heat and ran outside of home for mating and we couldn't find him anywhere. Then he came back the next day with scratched and bite marks all over him. He is not vaccinated yet. His voice has become very low and he is having a loss of appetite. I am not sure whats going on with him. Can anyone please tell me what might be wrong with him.

by: Evelyn

Hello my names is Evelyn and I'm a pretty new fur mommy I have a little one named Bagheera he's a tom. Anyways I'm here to see if you could help me out. My tom ran out of my house and mated with a stray cat. I found him hiding in the bushes filled with angel hair and scratches. My neighbor told me he heard him mating. I'm not sure tho they could of just been fighting because he had scratches on his nose and a bite on his neck. Anyhow I proceeded to bathe him since he was covered in dirt and grass. He kept licking his private part and when I bathed him I noticed he was bleeding from down there. He seemed fine at first after that I inspected him for more cuts and scratches and didn't find anymore. And now his been sleeping all day. He plops down anywhere and he refuses to eat or drink. And I've had to shake him more than twice when I wanna wake him. His usually a very light sleeper. And I also noticed his breathing is a little fast. I'm not quite sure what's going on with him. Any thought or tips. I'm concerned if his sick or just tired from his outdoors adventure. Tanks :)

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