Cat behavior changed after surgery

by Molly
(Eugene, OR)

I had my cat fixed a week ago and I see him only once a day now instead of many and his eating habits have dropped and he is losing weight, why?

Answer by kate
For some cats surgery can be quite traumatic and can upset their behavior for a little while. Also the anesthetic can make them feel a little strange for quite some time and this too can affect their eating habits etc.

i would wait another few days to see how he is, if he is still behaving differently and not eating well then call your vet for some advice he may have picked up an infection and need further treatment.

Any change in a cats behavior, eating habits or toilet habits is always a sign that the cat is not feeling themselves and should always be monitored for a short while in case they recover and if not then a trip to the vets is necessary.

best wishes Kate

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Personality change after surgery
by: Anonymous

Our 12-year-old cat had a canine tooth removed more than 2 months ago. Before surgery he was full of life, inquisitive, out-going, never fearful, similar to a 5-year-old boy.

After surgery, he is timid, reserved, unsure of himself, clingy...

I thought maybe he awoke during surgery and was terrified, but I'll never know. I've had the occasion to use a power drill for household repairs and that doesn't bother him.

My husband and I are using a lot of love, cuddling and more play than before to try to help him back to his name: Nitro.

Is there anything else you suggest?

Thank you,


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