cat behavior has changed and is also frothing at the mouth.

by Tracie

My cat is usually unsociable up to about two days ago. We heard a terrible whining outside, when we opened the door she came in crying or whining and seemed very frightened, constantly looking around has if she was unsure of her where abouts, this has been ongoing, she also seems to be hullicinating, her eating habits hasn't been affected if anything gone better. She use to go out maybe a dozen times throughout the day but now shys away from the door. She has never been a cat that you could stroke if she did it was on her tearms but now she seems a lot more tactile. On this particular day when this started she started to run around the room frantically and at some point started to hyperventilate and was frothing at the mouth. My cat is nine years old, she was spaded when she was a kitten,when she was spaded the vets stated that she hasn't taken well to the anathestic which has left her with a nervous shake to the head. Please can you get back to me asap



Answer by KAte
Tracie, you must take your cat to the vets as soon as possible. All the symptoms you describe sound awful and any one of these would prompt me to take her to the vets straight away, let alone all of them. I especially did not like the frothing at the mouth.

She may have eaten something poisonous which has caused all the behaviours. In which case she may need some urgent treatment.

I really hope she is Ok and that the vet can help her. I would be interested to know what the vet says about her condition. So if you can let me know by leaving a comment on this page, i would be grateful.

best wishes Kate

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Very similar to my cat
by: Amanda B.C.

She's about 10 y.o., spayed, affectionate. About a year ago she suddenly started howling, being overly affectionate to the point of clingy. And she would suddenly start salivating like crazy to the point where she had a frothy beard. And when this would happen, she's jump up, smack her lips, licking, staring straight ahead for about 5 min. Then she was fine. I took her to the vet, and they couldn't find anything wrong with her and just thought maybe they didn't get all the reproductive cells. But for it to happen 9 years later? And then he started again 6 mos to a year after her first bought. She's eating, drinking, going to the bathroom normally. She just seems completely beside herself and unable to be comfortable during her episodes. Very bizarre, and upsetting to have to witness. So maybe this will help, or maybe you took yours to the vet and figured something out? I'd like to know how she's going. Take care!

Hope your kitty is better
by: Anonymous

I hope you've been able to take your cat to a vet and that she is doing better. To the person who was so rude in their response: nothing like trying to make someone feel terrible when a beloved pet is sick!! Your hateful response was uncalled for!!! Most pet owners can't afford hundreds or thousands of dollars for vet bills; as a matter of fact, vet bills are absolutely ridiculous! There is no reason for it to cost as much to care for a sick pet as it does for a human. You were not very nice in your response to someone who is worried about a pet, and I hope in the future you'll keep your mouth shut instead of bashing someone who is doing the best he/she can to help his/her pet.

Cat behavior has changed and is frothing at the mouth
by: Anonymous

First of all you should be shameful that you even had the audacity to post this without taking your cat to a local animal E.R. or contacting a local chairty of some sort. If money is an issue regarding the health of you pet, then, to put it simply, you shouldn't own one.

I'm sorry if this comes as a surprise to you, but it is the honest truth. Cats are great companions and beautiful animals to have around your home, but they come with a responsibility. If you do not have the means to care for them properly, you should donate them to a "no-kill" society that can place them with a family that can.

I'm sorry if this is offensive, but the story you ignorantly posted was offensive to me. You should have animal cruelty charges pressed against you for your complete disregard for a life wit hwhich you are knowingly responsible for.

Cat Frothing at the mouth
by: Mary

I have had a cat that had something similiar happen to her once and it turned out she had been stung by a bee inside her mouth and she had a bad reaction to it.
She frothed at the mouth and seemed off balance and fearful.
I did have to take her to the vet because it was so unlike her and I am glad I did as he said it could have been much worse if I had not sought immediate treatment.
They placed her on meds and she got better but it was frightning to watch and the vet said she was experiencing uncomfortable reaction symptoms.

So, Kate is right, this requires a trip to the vet because frothing at the mouth is a sign of something wrong and must be dealt with by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Good luck to you and your kitty and let us readers know how it does.


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