Cat behavior has changed recently

by Kay
(Henderson, KY)

My question is regarding a change in behavior on a 14 year old male black long hair angoria. Within the last 2 1/2 weeks he use to be extremely affectionate, wanting to be near it's owner cuddling etc. Recently he has perched himself up on the highest point in a room, not wanting to get down. It's like he doesn't want to be anywhere near the floor. The higher he can get the better. His eatting and drinking habits have declined considerable. He's fed IAMS and he doesn't appear to have gotten into anything toxic. He doesn't have a fever but due to not eatting his stoles are not frequent. He still allows a person to pet him, yet he no longer initiates touch. What is odd is that he spends all his time perched high, either on boxes 5 ft. high or on top of the refridgerator. His brother, not from same litter is mimicking this behavior and stays by his side. The owner is beside himself and is fearful that this may be symptomatic to him preparing for death, as dogs often do. He plans on taking to the vet soon to have blood work done; however we were curious if this behavior is common or associated with a specific condition. The cat does not seem to be in any pain or discomfort.

Hi, No this behavior is not associated with any particular condition. There are many reasons why the cat may be doing this, from illness which is causing fear and so a need to hide away or it may associated with old age and its associated age related problems such as hearing or seeing problems. This too can change their behavior.

However as you say that he is also eating less it definitely sounds like there is some underlining illness and the sooner the cat can be taken to the vets the better. Many conditions can be easily treated if caught early enough.

I hope all is well again soon

best wishes Kate

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