Cat Behaviour has changed

by Alison
(Victoria, B.C)

Recently, one of my cats has been leaking urine around the house---not necessary spraying. The odor is unbearable! I took him to the vet and he received a clean bill of health. Now, he is meowing for no reason around the house after I have fed him, played with him, ect, ect... Nevertheless, I cannot figure out why he has adopted these behaviours. He has been fixed, but when he is outside at times, he lets out these low whines like a cat crying in pain. Not sure what is going on with him. I also have his mother cat and brother cat living in the same house and they do not do any of these.

Can you explain what the reasons my cat may be doing these things and what can I do to get him to stop?


well it simply may be that he is the sort of cat that does not want to live in a house with other cats, even his own relatives. cats are not naturally pack animals and so do not like to live in close quarters with other cats. Now some cats can settle down while other become anxious.

The other possibilities is that a new cat or some other animal has moved into the neighborhood which has upset your cat. the scent marking and calling.

I am surprised though that you say it smells terrible as normally after a cat is neutered the scent is much reduced. You would normally only expect strong smelling urine when a infection is present.

when you say your cat has been to the vets recently do you mean very recently like in the last few weeks or so. I say this as i am wondering if he does have either an infection of a blockage of some sort caused by a build up of crystals. this would explain both his behaviors.

I think, if you cannot find any other reason for his change in behavior and perhaps also give him a few days litter training again using the confinement method, then i would speak to your vet again. Something may have developed since you last went.

More information about cat urination issues and the training method can be found on these pages

best wishes kate

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