Cat behaviour question

i guess my cat doesn't like me. he only raise his tail when i touch him and also making the sound in his thoat. other time he will keep away from me and most of time when i touch him, he will walk away but not too far away.

my question is what should i do to make him come to me? and also what does it mean when i go to his place and touch him, he will lie down and use his back feet to scrath me and shaking his tal?

thank you

Answer by KAte
Lying on his back and kicking you while shaking his tail can have two meanings, he is either very excited and having fun playing with you or he is feeling threatened and is trying to defend himself. If he is growling while he is doing this then you can assume that it is the second reason.

Some cats can take a long time to get to trust their owner but it is important that the cat is allowed to do this at their own pace and terms. And attempt to force this will only make the situation worse.

Make sure you are not wearing any strong scents as this can be quite upsetting to a cat. I also have a page about how to bond with your cat which you may also find of some help here

Be patient and stay calm around your cat, I'm sure that given some time and TLC they will relax around you more.

best wishes Kate

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