cat biting after baby arrived

by Vanessa


we are having issues with our cat biting us, quite badly. She has always play nibbled, and unfortunately it has turned to full scale biting, particularly when she has to get off our knee when we need to get up. I have noticed this situation has become worse since the arrival of our little son. (now 3 months old).
I do try to make at least 10 minutes a day to play with her, (with a fishing rod type toy), and i let her sit with me and i pat her at various times of the day when i am not holding the baby.
I realise this may be a serious case of jealousy, but i am worried she may eventually turn and bite my son. She is getting quite savage biting deeply and causing bruises on my hand. Obviously if it continues i will have to give her away, which i do not want her to do. Will holding her by the scruff of her neck and saying "no" at the time of biting help? thats what i've been doing.
Any advice would be welcome.

I don’t know if you used to play with your cat when she was smaller with your hands or not. I say this because unfortunately if you did she will think of hand biting as a game now.

Anyway even if you did not she has not learned that hand biting is wrong and is just playing. I really don’t think it is jealousy as cats don’t have this emotion. However they do crave attention and if they do not get it will try and play with you when they can.

There is a method of discipline which you can try which will eventually teach your cat not to bite. It does take some time and effort on everyone in your home but it is worth it in the end. The method is described here

You will also have to keep an eye on your baby and try to help him to understand that he should not play with the cat with his hands, only to gently stroke or play with him with a string etc as he gets older.

Best wishes kate

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