Cat bleeding from mouth

by Kristen Larson
(Port Hueneme CA)

I have a 9 yr old male, neuterd cat named Cathrone. I rescued him at 3 months. At his first vet check we noticed that he had a hole in the roof of his mouth and a smaller hole on his tongue. The vet at that time said that it looked as though the kitten had bit on an electrical cord. It has never interferred with his eating, but he has always liked to drink water from the bath tub faucet, because when he drinks with his head down he sneezes. When he sneezes it is mucous. Only once did he have blood in the mucous and he was on an intibiotic for that. For 5 years, he has never had a problem with discharge. He has adapted to this hole in the roof of his mouth. Another vet that saw the hole suggested that is was like a cleft pallet. He is current on all of his vaccinations and sees a vet regularly. These past two weeks his behavior changed dramatically. He seemed to 'forget' where he lived as he was gone for 3 days. It is not unusual for him to stay away for a few days but when I found him, he acted as though he didn't know who I was and ran from me. I was able to get him and bring him home and he ate 3 large bowls of food and has been drinking water profusely. So much so, that I have left the tub faucet on continuously. The past four days, he has stayed in the bath tub, not really sleeping, but hunched on all fours. Two nights in a row he got out of the tub and pooped on my kitchen counter. He has NEVER done that. I have a litter box and he would use that if

he didn't go outside. He did go outside yesterday and when I returned from work, he greeted me and wanted dinner. He ate and then went right into the bathtub and was drinking. The next thing I heard a terrible howling/ growling cry and I went to check on him. There was blood splatter all over the tub, the shower doors and the walls. He was laying in two larger puddles of blood and he had defecated and was laying in it and when I approached him, he continued pooping and bleeding from his mouth. I could see that the blood was coming from the hole in the roof of his mouth. I cleaned him up as best I could, but he very aggitated and didn't want me near him. I tried to keep him the tub enclosure, but he escaped and ran out the door. This happened last night, 6:00 p.m. I have not seen him today and I am worried that he has gone somewhere and possibly bled to death or is dying. I have made the decision that when I do find him, I will have him euthanized as I know he is suffering. Is it possible that the sneezing became so violent that he hemorraged?

Answer by KAte
oh what a terrible story. poor little guy.

yes it is possible that the sneezing caused a bleed. However combine that with his other symptoms and behaviors and there is definitely something else going on too.

If it were me i would take him to the vets but i would want to make sure from the vet whether or not his condition can be treated and whether or not he is suffering or not. If he is then yes your decision is the correct one.

i am so sorry

best wishes Kate

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Response to Kate
by: Kristen

Thank you for the answer, unfortunately he has not returned home. I have searched for him, posters, called vets, checked the animal shelters and he is nowhere to be found.

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