cat box problems

by shirley owen
(plymouth Ma)

My 6 year old persian cat has a kidney disorderand is under a Vets care. As a result she urinates in the litter boxs but poops outside it. I clean the box every time I see its been used so I know its not because its dirty. What can I do about the problem? Im at my witts end.

Answer by Kate
This could be because her urine smells different either due to the infection of the medication and this is makeing her feel insecure about the smell in her litter box so she is pooping outside it to mark that territoiry as her own as this still smells like her. Pooping like this is called middeming and i have a page about it here on the site under cat urine problems. It is used as a strong visual and scent marking either to comfort themselves and reaffirm their territory or a s a signal to other cats etc.
It may simply be that your cat is not feeling their usual self and this is a temporary aboration which will stop when the imfection clear up. This behavior can normally only be stopped when the cause of the insecurity is gone so hopefully this is the case.
Unfortunately in the meantime there is not a lot that can be done, just keep the litter tray absolutely clean and free from the smell of urine at present, you may even want to try a different type of litter in the tray with a stronger deodorisor or a second litter tray elsewhere in the home.

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