cat brings leaves!

by sydney
(orange county)

my cat lemon is about 1 year old and she has already had 6 kittens and we kept 1. they are both fixed.. but anyway about every other nite my cat brings me and my mom leaves!!! its so weird. and she is so proud of herself adn constantly meowing and purring when she brings it. is this normal? what causes this?

Answer by Kate
Hi this is normal behaviour, cats will bring their owners gifts now and again and although we can't say for sure why, we can assume it is a indication of affection or bringing the head of the family gifts.

You should consider yourself lucky that your cat has chosen leaves to bring you as normally it is the remains of birds or some other little critter.

I really wouldn't worry about this behaviour at all.

best wishes kate

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Gifts of Tree bark
by: Anonymous

My cat every night does this deep meow and I open the door there's always a piece of tree bark sitting at the front door and every morning when I wake up there be tree bark at my door if anyone can help out and tell me what it means I'd be glad.

Reply from site owner
Not sure there is a answer to this one. No one really knows what goes on in our kitty's minds. But some cats do like to bring gifts to thier owners. These gifts can be anything, you'll be surprised.

Me to
by: Anonymous

I love the comments but still doesn't answer my question why does my cat bring in leaves she did the exact same thing last year she brings them all over the house and meows constantly wich I dont mid I'm just trying to figure out why .

Cat is Collecting leaves under house
by: Anonymous

What does it mean when your female cat is collecting leaves we think it means that she might be pregnant but she just had a Bach like 12 months ago but we self them all and one died because something was wrong a few days later she wasn't drinking milk and before we could solve this problem she had died well anyway do use know what it means when my cat is collecting leaves ...... Thanks 😝

cat brings grass to back door
by: Braden

My cat brings grass or straw from the field to the back door, usually mixed with some organs of a mouse kill...

My cat also brings leaves
by: Gary

My male cat Oreo also brings leaves virtually every night. It is always leaves from the same Bush and he leaves them in what seems to be a trail and it almost seems like he is trying to tell us something.

kitty leaves m
by: Don

Gracee my kitty Brings me leaves twigs and an occasional live mouse...never hurts anything and is just the best kitty cat ever...a rescued life of joy to me😸😺😸

Mine too
by: Anonymous

My cat also brings me leaves but some days he'll bring me other random items...mainly socks, underwear, sponges, cloths and plush idea where he gets them from haha!

And then there's my other cat who likes to bring me lizards, birds and half eaten mice/rats...I must say, as much as I appreciate her efforts, I prefer the leaves...

Gifts of flowers
by: Geoff Soper

My neutered male cat brings me leaves, flowers and sticks. Some mornings the electronic cat door is jammed opened with small branches. We have watched him pull camelia flowers off the tree, if he is seen gathering he stops. Spring is amazing as thete is a hansel and gretel style trail of flowers across the back lawn all the wat to the back door, placed at very even intervals! Summer its usually live crickets but never birds or mice. We live in New Zealand.

by: Anonymous

My cat Stella brings home leaves a lot, while her sister Nina, is an exceptional hunter and brings home death, lol. I'm wondering iwhy Stella brings the leaves vs death, like her sister? She stopped for a while, but she's been bringing them again here lately.

Me too!
by: Anonymous

My cat ALWAYS brings me leaves too! It is so weird....BUt I guess I'm lucky she isnt bringing in rats and mice and birds...

My cat
by: Brenda. ymous

I think these comments from other cat owner are awesome my cat princess came in house with a leaf i do not Allow her to sleep on my bed i wondered what this leaf was about now i see yes she love me but she is being smart about sleeping in my bed soi guess you know where she is now lol thanks Kate for your comment and to every cat owner enjoy the holidays kisses

by: Anonymous

She is a mature cat and is bringing me peices of bark and leaving bigger ones on the deck.

by: fred

It so strange to see my black cat who's about one year old who so loving goes out and bring in leaves and play with it then gets more I talk to my cat my cat try's to talk back I have 9 cat and love every one of them they are my family they keep me happy I would be lost with out them

leaf killers
by: Anonymous

Two of my 3 one year old cats do this. We usually have a pile of different colored leaves and a few pieces of bark in our bedroom. If we are studying they plop them in front of us...i make sure to complement them.
This is much preferred to when they stole socks and a racoon from who knows where.

My cat Wendy
by: Marian

We live in the country and there are many trees, and I noticed that Wendy keeps bringing leaves and leaveing them on the porch so now I thank her but it is very weird

Jemima brings leaves too :)
by: Martin & Maeve

One of our (two) cats also appears to be a pacifist, regularly bringing us large leaves from our garden as presents, and making a big fuss about her gifts.

Unlike her brother (Richard Parker), Jemima appears to have no interest in birds, mice or other small animals (other than flies, which she pursues with relish..?). So, rather than cluttering up our home with her kills, Jemima proudly chirrups and meows until we acknowledge her leaf-selecting prowess.

She's still only a kitten (9 months) and relatively small for her age, having been neutered at 6 months. But we love her alternative approach to demonstrating her love for us. Long may it continue!

We just hope that Richard Parker starts to follow her example soon, after another midnight rescue of a tiny field mouse last night :)

We like your website :)

Maeve and Martin in the North West of England

Glad you like the site :)

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