Cat bump with little red dots

by Corey Gagne
(Gainesville FL)

My cat had a red small lump on her head (by her right ear) it has gotten bigger and has changed brown but has little red dots on the top of it.. Any Idea's? I'm getting a bit worried.

Answer by kate
Any unusual lumps that get bigger need to be urgently seen by a vet. My own cat had a lump on her ear that got bigger and bigger and it turned out to be a non malignant growth that had to be removed before it got too big.

It really is better to be safe than sorry.

best wishes kate

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UPDATE on marley
by: Corey

I went ahead and took her to the vet this morning, i paid freakin 150$ for exam fee rabies and some vax. They told me she has an infected cyst on her and that I should put neosporin on it to fix it.. they said its a fifty fifty chance if it gets bigger in a week or two .. they will need to remove it with surgery.. do you think the neosporin will fix it?? I reallllly hope so cause i dont have 250$ extra dollars to spend to get it removed.

Answer by Kate
Oh Corey I'm afraid there are no garantees that the cream will work. Owning a cat can be very expensive if you are unlucky to have a cat that requires a lot of medical attention throughout irs life, thatys why I always recommend pet insurance.

My cat Little mo had to have her ear removed two years ago because of a growth on it and the bill cam,e to over a £1000. there would have been no way that I could have paid for it all, thank goodness I had insurance.

I don't know what the situtaion is where you live but there are some animal charities that can help with treatment costs i believe if you are unable to pay for them yourself.

The problem is if the cyst does get bigger it could become very painful for the cat, it may also burst everywhere (yuk) and cause an infection. Lets hope the cream works this time.

best wishes Kate

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