Cat Butt And Tail Shaking

Question - Sometimes at random my female cat will - while standing - puff up her back and shake her butt with her tail up in the air, as if stretching but shaking/vibrating at the same time.

My uncle said she was trying to spray, but she never urinates when she does it.

What is she really doing? She's otherwise healthy though she has chronic allergies and sneezes a lot. (eats, poops and has normal activity)

Thanks so much! by Julie (PA, USA)

Answer by Kate

From your description my first thought is that she could be showing signs of being in heat. Their behaviors can sometimes look very odd at this time, so it may be that. See my page about cats in heat for more information.

Other than she may just be stretching. I have seen some odd stretches from cats in my time and it could just be your cats way. My old cat used to do something similar from time to time. 

The only other thing I can think of is that she may have cat worms. It might be an idea to have her checked out in that area, just in case.


Why cat buttt up all the time by: roselettta 

My friend has new cat she had to take over due to her son has baby on the way. the cat been in heat and out now she is weeks later but going to the door smelling out side and she is putting her butt in the air back up to her.

I told her she is ok is just her way of showing love. am I right or wrong she is afraid she is going to be in heat every couple weeks. I have dogs so I am not sure about cats help me help my friend.

Desprate female 6 months Cat by: Anonymous 

Apparently my cat started today, if I touch her near her tail she lifts her butt and shakes it, wanting more , an I don't know but it looks like she wants to mate ? O.o 


Well if she is not spayed then yes at six month she would be starting to go into season and this behavior may be the first indication. It is a good time to have her spayed.

Tail shaking by: kaylee 

Actually it has nothing to do with markin her territory.. Its called "feather dancing" i was concerned when my cat started doing it. I found out its basicaly away to show there emotions. Especially happy ones so dont worry its just your cats way of saying she is very happy to see you or be with you...

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