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The Best TV Cartoons Ever

Cat cartoons are always popular with children and adults alike.  For as long as i can remember i have been watching one sort of cat or another being chased, plotting, flying through the air or just being plain cute on my TV screen. I bet you can say the same.

These are my favourite cartoon cat characters of all time. I know there are lots more but these seem to me to represent all the many forms of animated kitties who have delighted us over the years. I hope you find your favourite one too.

Simons Cat

Simon's cat is a modern day internet phenomenon. His popularity ahs spread worldwide simply through short little online videos.

Simon's cat is another cat with no name other than his owners.

For me Simon's cat is a winner simply because his behaviour mimics real life cats so much and so we can all identify with him. He loves nothing more than to chase birds in the garden, his ball in the house and to explore every nook and cranny of his world.

Simon's cat has to be my current favourite cartoon character and I love to read through his books and watch his cartoons to cheer myself up.

Henry's Cat

These UK TV cat cartoons ran for five series during the 1980's. Oddly enough the main character, a yellow cat does not have a name but is simply known as Henry's cat. However you never see Henry and in fact the cat seems not to have an owner at all.

This is a sweet little children's series which is simply drawn and has a similar feel to another great British Cartoon called Roobarb and Custard, which isn't surprising really as it was made by the same people.

Here is a short episode for you to enjoy.


Ok this is a weird cat cartoon to feature but i thought he had to be there as he is a bit of a modern phenomena. Scratchy is a rather strange looking cat carton that first featured within the Simpsons cartoon. He is part of a double act with a mouse called Itchy whose only role seems to kill Scratchy.

So this started as a cartoon within a cartoon which was watched y the cartoon Simpson kids. However ITCHY AND Scratchy's popularity grew and there have now been several short cartoons made just featuring them.

This is rather a violent cartoon which is based on the slapstick humour of Tom and Jerry but in a much more modern and violent way, presumably to suit the modern tastes of kids today. If you ask me I much prefer Tom and Jerry but hey! Each to their own.

Top Cat Cartoons

Top cat also known as T.C was the leader of a gang of alley cats ( Spook, Benny, Brain, Chow Chow and Fancy - Fancy) living in New York.

T.C is a ducker and diver and a very smart cat who leads his gang in many plots to make a quick buck from unsuspecting people. Like all god cartoons there has to be a villain of the piece and this is Officer Dibble whose job it is to stop T.C and the gang from living in the alley and conning money from people. You would think that we would be on the side of the policeman but no, the lovable rogues in the gang are harmless and you always end up hoping that T.C comes out on top, which he always does.

This is one of the great cat cartoons even though only 30 episodes were made between 1981 to 1962.

Top Cat the complete series


The lisp speaking, cunning Sylvester the cat has been with us since 1945 via the Looney Tunes cartoons. He is a large domestic black and white cat who spends his day planning how to capture and eat his mistresses other favourite pet, Tweety pie, a yellow caged bird.

Of course although he comes up with many cunning plans Tweety always seems to be one step ahead and poor old Sylvester always ends up being put outside by his owner.

Other characters which feature with Sylvester and Tweety are Porky pig , Speedy gonzalas and Hippety Hopper.

Sylvester had his very own catch phase which he used whenever he was thwarted in his plans, it was " Suffering Succotash".

DID YOU KNOW - Sylvester has died the most out of all of the Looney Tunes characters over the years. But never mind in cartoon world they always come back to life again.


Everyone must know the Tom and Jerry cartoons. They were a big part of my growing up and I must admit I didn't much like Tom, I thought he was very nasty chasing poor jerry all the time. But he always came out worse so I guess I should have felt sorry for him.

DID YOU KNOW - Tom was first called Jasper in his first appearance .

Tom and Jerry were created by the Hanna Barbera Company for MGM and between 1940 and 1957 produced 114 cat cartoons. To this day new cartoons and films are still made by various other film companies. The cartoon is based on the rivalry of Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse, with slapstick comedy used to create the drama.

Tom and Jerry has to be one of the worlds most popular and longest running cat cartoons ever.  With merchandise still sold to this day and the cartoons still viewed by millions of children every year.


Felix the cat is probably the oldest cat cartoon ever, appearing first in the silent film period. He is a simply drawn black and white cat with a big grin who gets into all sorts of adventures.

Over the years Felix's appearance has change quite a lot from the original drawings but even so he is still easily recognisable as Felix the cat.

His image has continued to be featured on all sorts of products even to this day and the name Felix is so associated with a black and white cat that even a brand of cat food has been branded after the name.


Hands up if you remember Snaggle puss? I must admit i only have a vague memory of him myself. Although not stricky a pussy cat he is a mountain lion be it a pink one.

Snaggle puss first appeared in a Hanna Barnara cartoon in 1959. He often appeared in the Yogi bear cartoons and often exclaimed "heavens to Mrgatroyd".

DID YOU KNOW - Snagglepuss was originally called Snaggletooth and was orange not Pink.


Stimpy is a fat strange looking cat who is rather stupid. He appears in his own cartoon series called Ren and Stimpy with his psychotic friend Ren a Chihuahua.

DID YOU KNOW - Stimpy is named after one of the creators art school classmates who was known as Stimpy. We can only hope that his classmate only shares the cartoons  name.

Stimpy appears to enjoy scientific experiments and often creates strange and often dangerous devices. He also loves the smell of fresh cat litter, well who doesn't.

(Personal note - my own two rescue cats were called Ren and Stimpy in the cat shelter when we took them home. We quickly changed them to Byron and Shelley, much more fitting names we think for our two very intelligent kitties).

Bag Puss

Bagpuss is probably best known in the UK, but for any of you who don't know him, he is certainly a cat you want to get to know. He is a lovable, kind and gentle saggy cloth cat who has the ability to magically turn stories into reality.

Bagpuss was created for a stop animation television series of the same name and was produced in 1974. Even though only 13 episodes were made it has become one of the UK's most fondly remembered children's series.

Let me introduce Bagpuss to you. He is a soft toy who belongs to a child called Emily who likes to find and bring home broken things so that they can displayed in a shop window so that the owners can come and find them again.

When Emily leaves the shop, Bagpuss come alive along with some of his friends ( carved mice on a church organ, a rag doll, a banjo playing from and wooden woodpecker called professor Yaffle) and they try to work out what the broken thing is and repair it.

They are charming stories which always bring delight and comfort to the viewer, no matter what your age.

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