cat chewed on phone wire

by Tracy


My 10 month old kitten is a female( and she is fixed) chewed on my phone wire. The wire is behind our bed and she went back there and she chewed it. Is there a spray that you know of that I could buy so she won't want to go back there. We try to put wires where she cannot get at them, but it it impossible in my apartment. I am just glad it wasn't the computer wires. I have been worried about that. My other cat Bootsie is 3 and he never did anything like that. Anyway, I am hoping she doesn't do that again. My husband luckily knew how to fix the wire and the phone is working again. I think I read about cats that chew on wires. We have plenty of toys for them. They are indoor cats as I live on the 3rd floor in the city. Do they make such a spray for cats that would not want them to go near a certain spot?

Bonnie has also scratched the wood off the bottom of my closet doors and bathroom door. I refuse to get her de-clawed. I read about just saying nothing and picking her up and not looking at her or giving her any attention. I am trying that. Other than that she is good kitty. Kitties will be kitties. Both kitties love each other.

Thank you!


Answer by KAte
well hopefully as she gets older she will grow out of the chewing thing, some kittens do this more than others. i think its like when kids are teething. However there is a strange condition known as pica which some cats have which is where they are prone to eating non food stuffs. there is no cure for this, you just have to kitty proof the house as much as possible , like covering wires with gaffer tape and hiding then etc.

i do not know or a specific spray but if you spray a citrus spray made from lemon and water that usually helps to keep them away. Anything natural and strong smelling should do this. Eucalyptus is good too.

i have two kittens at the moment and i too have shredded things around the house, as you say this is normal kitty behavior and they will grow out of it. De clawing is not an option as you say. Cats are cats and we love them for it.

best wishes KAte

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Cat chewing the phone wires
by: Mary in NC

In response to the article about the cat chewing the phone wires, YES there is a spray that works WONDERS.
It is available at most all pet stores (at least here in the USA) and it is called
BITTER APPLE Spray for Cats.

Here in the USa, We use this alot to spray on a cats surgical wound to keep them from licking and on spots where they have pulled out their fur.

It is harmless to cats and dogs but has a VERY bitter taste and cats will not return to the spot where it is sprayed.

I have had wonderful results with it sprayed around my computer, phone and lamp wires.

It can be purchased online cheap also:
Just go to your search browser and type in
You will get many links for places who sell it.
Petsmart also carrys it.

NOTE: If you use it on your cat for deterring the cat from pulling out fur or licking a wound then PLEASE place two fingers on the actual wound then spray bitter apple AROUND the spot where you do not want them to lick or chew.
DO NOT PUT DIRECTLY ON A WOUND as it will sting.

I have two cats who have the PICA chewing disorder and this works miracles with them.
Hope this helps you.

Mary in NC

Comment by Kate
Thanks Mary i had not heard of this before, i don't think it is available in the UK. We use anything bitter natural tasting spray such as citrus and water etc.

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