Cat constant grooming

by Cynthia Lassiter
(Bellbrook OH)

I have a beautiful calico cat who will be a year old on July 4th. She has long hair and a big bushy tail. She is constantly grooming herself. When I say constantly, I mean almost all of her awake time. She has hoicked up 4 hairballs since her birth. I have started brushing her, but right now she isn't too crazy about it. I give her hairball formula treats, but have not tried hairball remedy food yet. Is this normal? What can I do or should I even do anything?

Thank you

well there are tow possible causes for your cats grooming. either her coat needs a lot of attention and she is desperately trying to do this. That's why it is good that you have started to brush her too, she will get used to it and it will reduce hairballs for her which can be rather uncomfortable and unpleasant for your cat. perhaps try one of those cat grooming gloves. the cat thinks you are just stroking her but you are actually removing and brushing fur.

Or over grooming can be caused due to anxiety. the cat grooms as it is sooting too them. the trouble is if they over groom they can actually wear away fur and cause bald patches etc. the trouble is if the problem is due to anxiety it can sometimes be difficult to discover the cause. You have to make sure that there are no health issues such as worms, fleas allergies etc. Then you have to check to see if something new in the home or outside could be causing the issue. Loud noises, new pets or babies, new furniture etc. It can take some detective work sometimes. If you do believe that it could be caused by anxiety then there are medications available to help relax a cat. things like feliway sprays etc see this page for more on this

I hope I have given you a couple of things to think about and investigate further.

best wishes kate

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A Thousand Thank Yous!
by: Anonymous

I took your advice and played detective regarding my cat's constant grooming problem. The problem? FLEAS! I didn't think of this because she is a house cat. But we live in the country and my boyfriend is a cattle farmer, no doubt he brings in fleas and I spend a lot of time outdoors too so they came in on me as well. Today I purchased a flea collar. We put it on her and in just 5 minutes she was a completely different cat. She's calm, and her affectionate nature has returned. She also has not groomed herself in over an hour. We are taking steps to rid our home of any fleas/eggs and will be more careful in the future. Thank you so much for your help. You are AWESOME!

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