Cat Constant peeing on clothes

by Dellie

Hello, i have a 3 year old mostly Maine coon cat. While i was working at the humane society i saw him and my mother had always wanted a maine coon, so i adopted him as a gift for chiristmas.

For the first month he was compltely fine, then ever since around january or so he has been constanly peeing on my clothes. NO matter how amny times a clean the floor or clean the clothes with every type of urine oder remover, he still does it.

At first i thought it was because of another cat i have, but i bought a new litter box so that he wouldnt have to share. He's comepltely nuetared and such, but i odnt understand why he wont stop, its getting really annoying now and i dont want to have to get rid of him. But if this keeps up i may have to.

Please help :(

Answer by KAte
Hi this is a very common problem and one which i get asked about all the time.

becasue the problem can be quite complex and caused by many things i have written a web page about the issue which also includes a process at the end of it for trying to solve the problem. basically your cat is feeling unsettled in his home and he is using his urine to make the house smell more like him which helps him to calm down. the reason he is scenting on your clothes is because they smell most strongly of you and he will find this also comforting.

Please read these pages and take your cat through the litter training process for a week or so, sometimes the process has to be repeated if the problem persists but it is all about helping your cat to feel more confident and less stressed in the home.

here is the page

best wishes Kate

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