Cat Coughs after Hissing

by Janine

My cat is 14 and immediately after hissing he starts to cough/wheeze. I rub his back, but what is going on. He hisses infrequently (thank goodness), and usually when I do my hair in a way he doesn't like.

Answer from Kate
Sometimes cat react like this when they come in contact with a smell they don't like. Sometimes strong perfume can do this and perhaps even hairspray etc.

As for the coughing, well it may simply be that the hissing irritates his throat for a few seconds which causes him to cough. I wouldn't worry too much, but if you notice the coughing more often then take him to the vets to has throat looked at. Also mention the coughing when you next take your cat to the vets anyway.

best wishes Kate

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Cat hissing
by: Anonymous

My 10 yr old boy hisses at our younger femal cat all the time. We've had the female for a yr now and at first he didn't cough but now he's developed a cough after he hisses. Been going on 3 weeks now. Not sure what to do as I can't separate the cats.

Coughing after Hissing
by: Lexi

Not sure how old this post is. But my cat hisses when she is unhappy with having too many people around her. She is currently in a cat hospital for a procedure and we can watch her on a webcam. She is doing a lot of hissing because she is unhappy. I noticed she started coughing after hissing. I assumed it is because her throat is irritated from all the hissing.

Cat coughing and gagging
by: Anonymous

My cat is coughing after he hisses as well. It started as a raspy voice or at times loss of voice. After two weeks it didn’t go away and then coughing started. After one week of that He started gagging and watery eyes. The vet isn’t sure what the problem is as all blood work and lungs look great. They put him on doxycycline for two weeks and the gagging and watery eyes went away. Now he’s done with the antibiotic but the coughing hasn’t gone and he started gagging again. Has anyone else had any issues like this?

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