cat cries all night long

by tiffani

hello, my name is Tiffani, and i have a cat named tigger. he is two years old and he cries whenever I go to bed.. It has been so bad that i can't sleep. I was wondering if he had another urinary blockage because he sits on the side of the bathtub next to his litter box and cries.. I dont know what to do.. He is already on urinary acidifiers prescribed by my veterinarian and special prescription cat food. His vet said that there is nothing physically wrong with him and that I should not worry about it. I thought that maybe he is unsatisfied with his litter box, so i started cleaning it out more frequently. I am at my wits end. I really need some sleep. I have tried feeding him at night, but after he eats his favorite canned food, he just carries on crying. I even adopted another cat a few months ago so that he would have some company at night. Now he cries and runs around my house chasing and playing with the other cat. Every morning i have a giant kitty mess to clean up (ripped up toilet paper rolls, garbage can tipped over, and they get into my cupboards and rip up ramen noodles). I can't shut my bedroom door or else both cats will scratch and paw on the other side trying to get in.. i really need some sleep.

Answer by Kate
Sounds to me like you have a cat with a lot of energy that needs to be used up. His behaviour at night is normal for a cat with lots of energy and full of the joys of life.

Your only answer is to keep your cats in one room that they can play in at night. fill it with cat toys, climbing trees etc so that they won't feel tempted to rip anything else up.

This really is the only answer because you just can't simply stop a cat from doing this behaviour you have to channel it. keeping them in one room is fine at night as long as they have plenty to do in there and have water and their litter tray in there too.

best wishes kate

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by: Remy Newton

You could give your cat walks, but it can be difficult to find the leashes. That should channel out that energy. Also, you can just simply wake him up every time you see him. Hope this works.


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