Cat Cries at Night

by Chris G
(Rock BOttom)

My male cat, about 9 months old cries at my door at night. If I leave him in the bedroom he is good until about 3 am where he wakes up wanting attention, but if I shut the door, 3 to 4 times during the night he will cry at the door until I acknowledge him. What can I do to break him of this habit?

My cat is the same. he always starts to cry at my door at around 5am. If I don't respond he stops after a while and goes back to sleep. However my partner will often get up to let him out, so the habit will not be broken as long as knows that sometimes he gets what he wants.

You only really have two options. either keep them in a separate room over night with the door closed but with access to water and their litter tray or you get up and let them out or feed them whatever they are asking for.

Many cat owners will know this situation as cats are naturally more active at night time anyway so it is not surprising that they want to be up and playing etc at this time. What we as owners have to try and do is make a routine for the cat and stick to it so that they know when you get up, when they get fed etc. Otherwise a habit will form whereby they will try to get you up at all hours.

Don't forget to give your cat a main meal at nighttime before bed as this helps to settle them down for the night too.

best wishes kate

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