Cat Crying, and back end of body is shaking

by Mark

I came home from work tonight and my cat seems to be acting crazy;

firstly he was out all night last night when usually he is home always and out sparadically, and all day today until i let him in.

Now he is crying to me and growling and making meowing noises to himself and his back.

He has been fully flead and shows no signs of any worms infestation. I was wondering if you had any ideas of anything else it could possibly be?

I intend to take him to the vets if it doesnt improve.

Thanks in advance

Answer by Kate
Sounds very odd but does sound like behavior that could be caused by either being bitten by something which may be irritating him or that something happened to him on his night out that has upset or frightened him, as growling can be s sign of fear as well as aggression.

I think your right in what you are going to do. If he does not improve etc then a trip to the vets is the best answer. Lets hope all is Ok. :)

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