Cat crying at night

by Sabrinas Mother

What can I do about my 14 year old cat that has suddenly started howling and meawing really loud in the middle of the night? I have a 13 month old baby that she wakes up every night. She just started this 2 months ago so I don't think it is because of the baby but I don't know. Can anyone help me I'm exhausted!!!!

Answer by Kate
Hi well it could be due to the changes in the home with the arrival of the baby or it could simply be the onset of old age. See this page for more on this

Nigh time is the normal time for cats to be most active and so this can be a common problem. Try getting him to have a little game about half an hour before bedtime to wear him out a little, then just before bedtime feed him a meal. this should help to settle him down for the night. You could also keep him in a closed room over night with his litter try, bed, water, toys and perhaps a little dry kibble for snacking on if he wakes up.

Apart from this there is not much that can be done, especially if it is old age that has caused the issue.

Hopefully with the nightly routine and getting used to the baby etc he will begin to settle down.

best wishes kate

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Cats and thyroid problems
by: Anonymous

Check with your vet that your cat does not have a thyroid problem. Apart from a whole range of other symptoms, to include increased drinking, eating and urination, an over active thyroid can also cause them to cry at night. Middle aged and elderly cats are most at risk. Our cat is 17 and crys more often now. During his annual check up at the vets, we were told these facts. I hope you find this useful and that your vet can now help with the problem.

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