Cat crying for food

by mark elliott

why does our cat constantly meow for food

Answer by Kate
Are they losing weight? If so it could be a thyroid problem. One of the symptoms is continuous eating and wanting food but not putting weight on. if so you must take them to the vets as soon as possible.

If not it could be just a learned behaviour, which can only be stopped by you feeding your cat only at certain times, but this can take some time.

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Soaking kibble
by: Roberta Genet

My cat cries for food much of the day. I end up feeding her more than I'd like to. She favors moist food but I read that they need kibble as well, so I soak the kibble in warm vegetable broth and/or water and add it to the moist food. It seems to work well.

Eating Too Much
by: Linda Smith

My cat wants to eat all day. She has a bowl of dry food out all the time, which she hardly eats. I feed her canned cat food in the morning and at night. Every time me or my husband go into the kitchen she follows us and cries and cries. She acts like shes starving. When I eat dinner I have to cut up my meat in little pieces and give almost half. Sometimes she evens eats other things on my plate. So I started feeding her her cat food when we eat, but she'll eat part of her food and then start begging me for mine, if I don't give it too her she starts clawing my arm. Is there something wrong with her, if not how do I break her of this habit?

Thank You,

Answer by Kate
Firstly you must stop feeding her tidbits from your plate, this is making the problem worse. If she plays up ie scratches you, get up, msay nothing, pick her up and put her in the kitchen with the door closed, say nothing (this is therefore a negative reaction to your cat)
Do this every single time.

Regarding the feeding routine try feeding her smaller meals throughout the day ie increase to four feed times but smaller portions, it may take her a while to get used to this but you have to reamin strong through out.

If you suspect that her appitite is particulaly strange or if she loses weight then take her to the vets for qa check up.

best wishes and a happy new year

I am having the same problem.
by: Anonymous

It seems it doesnt matter how much you feed this cat, in a short time he comes back meowing for food. Sometimes right AFTER he is done eating. Also this is getting very bad in the middle of the night to. THe cats starts to meow around two sometimes. Most of the time it is around 4 and is just strait meowing for food. THen the same thing happens, we feed him then comes back for more or will either throw up after because he has been chewing on plants. He is 12 years old, been spayed etc...always goes for his annual tests. We brought him to the vet some time ago for this problem and they say it this and that, but I feel they like to play on people heart strings when it comes to there pets.

Comment by Kate
Did the vet do a blood test for the thyroid? It is good to rule this out as if they do have a problem then they can lose lots of weight in a very short period of time even though they eat and eat.

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