cat crying out at night !!

by kitty

Hello, my cat Shnooky has been waking up at night and meowing every few hours. I usually find him drinking at his water bowl. Then when I come down he seems to stop. Does this sound like a serious problem? Also a few times they have peed on the bathroom rugs. I'm not sure which cat is doing it. As well as pooping in son's room. I clean litter box each day. There 11 years old. They never use to have accidents. I am wondering if mabey he has a kidney stone. Can cat's get these? Sincerely, Kitty. (No pun intended, it's really my name). Thanks for your assistance.

Answer by Kate
crying during the night is very common and not something to worry about. basically night time is when a cat is most active. No one really knows why they cry at night it is assumed that it is to get your attention for a game or some petting, after all they are awake so why arn't you.

The peeing etc is a complex problem and if not caused by a urinery infection is behavioral. Please read my pages on this site about cat urine etc it will help you to understand all the possible causes..

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by: Anonymous

My cat vocalizes at night as well. It sounds like she is in pain. She's loud and persistent.

She also vocalizes the same way after using the kitty litter box.

She has severe hyperthyroidism which we manage with kitty medication. This seems to have helped.

by: Anonymous

I have experienced that this type of behavior could be hyperthyroidism which is very treatable.

cat vocalizing/meowing at nite
by: Anonymous

Ive noticed when my cat vocalizes/meows at night is indicative of a problem relating to discomfort. The 2 times my cat has vocalized she had severe dehydration and a UTI. Please do not disregard. I am disabled and on a fixed income and I found a great vet who is working on monthly payments with me. Your cat's life is dependent upon your acute awareness and sometimes a vet visit is necessary. I would never allow my cat to suffer for the sake of finances. Where there is a will there is a way. Don't overlook abnormal symptoms in your cat. It is also important to give your cat wet food to help avoid renal failure. I've always fed my cat dry and learned to give wet just in the nick of time. I also allowed my cat to get 5 pounds overweight & now she has diabetes which is very costly. No fatties!

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