Cat defecated on bed.

by Robb
(La Grange, CA)

We recently moved, my cat who is around 11 years old took the move fairly well considering we have moved once before and it was not as fast to adapt. She has been in 2 fights that I know of whith the same cat which comes over to our deck and starts the fight. A few days have gone by and now she has defecated on my wifes side of the bed. This has never happened before. We recently removed the litter box as we usually do after a few weeks since the cat prefers to go outside. Occasionally she has gone on the floor when she was indoors for hours and no one was there to let her out, but we were home this time and she had not only pooped on the bed, but was laying in it. A few days ago, she had pooped on the railing of the deck which is about 8 inches wide with a 15 foot drop off. I think the other cat was around to cause that but not sure. She has been really moping around the last two days as well. Is this a phase, a territorial thing or should I see a vet?

This is a common issue for cats who have recently experienced change and who may be feeling anxious about their new territory. i suspect this is the case here , especially with this other cat prowling around.

The bed is a common place for this to occur. it smells most strongly of you and this comforting to your cat and so they want to add their scent to yours to help make themselves feel more secure. this behavior is known as

Your cat needs some time out to allow her to calm down and relax. this can be done by either going through the litter training process gaining using the confinement method mentioned on the page about Middening (link above) or you could try some calming medication or sprays which are designed to help cats through difficult periods. this page has more about these too.

From what you have described it does not sound like a physical illness to me. Give her some more time, perhaps some more distractions within the house, some new toys etc.

i hope she is back to her old self soon

best wishes kate

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