Cat defecating and urinating everywhere

by Michelle

Ever since we adopted Henry over 5 years ago, he has had a problem using the litter box. I have tried everything. (We have 3 other cats and a dog). We have multiple litter boxes of varying shapes and sizes located on each floor of the house, they are scooped at least daily, the litter boxes are cleaned completely often. I've used feliway, scat mats, indoor electric fences (he loves to pee on carpet and rugs). He is confined to only areas of the house which have hardwood floors (it's a large area). He'll go months using his box, and everything will be ok. Then all the sudden, he'll start going outside the box. I can't seem to figure a rhyme or reason. There will be no change that I can think of, he'll stop peeing and pooping outside the box, and then go use the box again. That will happen for about a month. Then he will start up again, finding an area rug to pee on. Nothing in our household will have changed.

I've been told by a vet that he is a "stress urinater." That he has no medical conditions, but will use the outside of the box when he is stressed.
Now, just this week, he has started to urinate and defecate right in front of his food and water bowl. These bowls are regularly cleaned and have been in this same location for at least 4 years.
Any suggestions? My husband is at his end and is wanting to get rid of the cat if
this continues. I am desperatley trying to figure out what to do!

Answer by KAte
Hi yes it sounds as if your vet has hit the nail on the head.

Cats are not pack animlas and so do not generally like to live with other animals. Now some will tolerate it and be fine but others just never get over this and urinating is a sure sign of stress caused by the need to cover other animals scent and also to make the house smell more like him which in turn helps to calm him down.

It sounds as if youi have tried everything over the years and unfortunately it may just be that this cat would be happier in a single pet household. that is just the way it is sometimes, sorry.

My normal advice for owners when peeing and defecating starts to happen in the house is to ask them to follow the litter training described at the bottom of this page

However you have probably tried this before and it may work for a short time but if this cat is just a little more sensitive than some others then you will have to realise that either you cope with his periods of urinating and put him through the re training every time he starts to do it again or you will have to make the hard decision of finding him a home with no other pets.

I hope i have helped a little unfortunately sometimes there is just no easy solution, again sorry

best wishes Kate

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