cat developed raspy meow

I am not sure if they are related but after adopting an abandoned 6 week old male kitten by adult female cat has developed a raspy meow. her meow was normal and then about a week or so later her voice changed. Sometimes she would sound raspy on a temporary basis when trying to dislodge a hair ball, but her voice has been raspy now for 4 days. She may have come in contact with a peace lily leaf and her throat could be sore from that but other than the raspy voice she is eating/drinking and playing with the new kitten and seems fine. i guess what i'd like to know is there something that the new kitten could have given her to cause this? could it just be a cold and if so how long should I wait before a vet visit is recommended? i have read that peace lily are harmful to cats but mostly just cause mouth or throat discomfort unless ingested in very large amounts. They basically say more of an irritant, not toxic like most of the lily family. if it is the peace lily how long do you think before her voice would go back to normal.

thank you

Answer by Kate
well yes it is quite possible that she has a slight cold. My own cats meow would from time to time change when she had a cold. In which case it should work it self out of her system after a week or so.

As for the peace lily, i would have thought that if she had eaten it and it had caused irritation in the mouth or throat that she would be off her food. However if the symptoms persist after a week I would take her to the vets for a check up.

in the mean time make sure that she has plenty to drink which would help with flushing a cold too.

best wishes kate

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