Cat Diarrhea
The Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Cat diarrhea can be caused by a simple upset stomach which resolves itself in a few days and is nothing to worry about. However it could be caused by many other intestinal or digestive issues and knowing the difference between a simple upset stomach or a serious illness may not be easy but is a important decision for your cats health.

When you cat has diarrhea it is not only unpleasant for your cat but also for you. It's messy, smelly and cause real problems around the home.

This page will help you to understand more about the possible symptoms and causes of diarrhea in your cat and also how to treat your cat for diarrhea

Cat Diarrhea Symptoms

  • Frequently passing loose, watery faeces.

  • Blood or mucus in the faeces.

  • Faeces staining around bottom / cat keeps excessively cleaning around bottom.

  • Bad smell.

  • High fever.

  • Change in appetite.

  • Dehydration.

  • Abdominal pain, tenderness or swelling
  • Weight loss.

  • Tiredness and lethargy.

  • Cat vomiting, or any other signs of poor cat health.
  • The Dangers of Feline Diarrhea

    Cat Diarrhea Support

    • Gentle / fast-acting

    When your cat has diarrhea it means that your cat is passing loose, watery faeces. Sometimes it can become so watery that the cat cannot stop itself passing it and so it may leak from the cat where ever they are.

    Loosing fluids this way means that the cat is also loosing vital nutrients such as salts and sugars called 'electrolytes'. Loosing all these things can lead to serious conditions such as dehydration and related other illnesses.

    Your cat can quickly become dangerously ill from things such as dehydration. This is especially the case if your cat is not drinking water, or if it is vomiting at the same time.

    This is why it is important to deal effectively with cat diarrhoea as quickly as possible.

    What Possible Causes Are There For Feline Diarrhea? 

    There can be many simple causes for an episode of feline diarrhea, such as;

    • a sudden change of diet, or your cat is eating food that is bad, indigestible, or too rich for it. 

    • Many cats cannot digest the lactose that is in cows milk and as a result get diarrhea after drinking it. You can buy specially formulated cat milk instead, or just give them clean water to drink. 

    • A recent shock or stress can lead to an upset stomach as well, such as a change of home or a new pet or family member arriving.

    In these cases your cats upset tummy should usually resolve itself within a few days to a week

    However if the diarrhea is persistent and does not ease up then there may be something more serious causing it. Some other possible causes of diarrhea that will need you to take your cat to see your vet are:

    • Intestinal and stomach parasites or viruses 

    • Inflammatory bowel disease 

    • Fungal or bacterial infections 

    • Hyperthyroidism or other hormonal disorder 

    • Disease of the pancreas 

    • Bowel or intestinal cancer 

    • Feline leukemia virus 

    • Feline immunodeficiency virus

    There are many other possible causes, so if the reason for your cats upset tummy is not obvious and the diarrhea does not clear up quickly, please consult your vet.

    As cat owners, I would imagine we all have experienced a bout of cat tummy trouble at some time. It is just one of the ups and downs of our cat health, and thankfully in most cases there is often little to worry about.

    But if cat diarrhea continues, it can become a serious cause for concern, and it can also be a symptom of an underlying disease. So we need to know when we should get them to the vet for some professional cat care.f

    Now you know more about the symptoms and causes of feline diarrhea it is now time to find out what you can do to help your cat. 
    The next page is all about Pet Diarrhea Treatments 

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