Cat does not cover his poop or pee

by Diane
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

My cat is a 10-year-old neutered male. He uses the litter box but since approximately 1-2 weeks, does not cover his poop or pee with litter. He uses the litter box extremely often. I have changed the litter box twice and now have changed to a expensive litter which seems to work very well.......but I have to cover the poop or pee for the cat. Please help me with this.

Answer by Kate
well normally when a cat does not cover his pee etc it is because he wants the smell to be left as a scent marker to tell other animals that this is his territory.

This can be brought on all of a sudden if something changes which upsets the cat and makes them feel a little uncertain of things.

However i always recommend a trip to the vets when a cats behavior changes suddenly. Sometimes their anxiety can be caused by ill health and so is always worth having checked out first to be on the safe side.

if he gets a clean bill of health i would not worry too much, once the cat settles down again they should be fine. perhaps use a covered litter box to see if this helps.

i have more information about this behavioral issue 9(f they are not ill that is) here

Hope he is his old self again soon
best wishes KAte

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