Cat eats moss

by Lisa
(United Kingdon)

I have 2 cats (8 months old) & the 1 is always bringing in balls of moss to play with and eat. It makes a huge mess! They have plenty of toys so I don't think they are bored. I was just wondering if the one needs something it's not getting in their food? Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Answer from kate
well i have nebver heard of this before, you sure it.s moss and not catnip or one of the other plants that cats react to similarly too. It may have agreat smell that they are reacting too and thats why they love to play with it etc.
I don't think you need to worry about their diet, most cats foods are balanced nutrionally for your cat and so they should be getting everything they need, its probably just a scent thing. Have you tried them with cat nip toys?

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Piles of moss on lawn
by: Anonymous

Woke up this morning to see neighbours cat acting shifty on my front lawn.
On closer inspection it has scrapped a large pile of loose moss off the grass and arranged in a nice pile. Nothing underneath it so not concerned. In fact it has saved me a job

Our kitty snacks on moss
by: Sam

We have a large balcony with lots of sunshine where we have many different plants. There's this one bonsai which grows this specific fluffy moss which our cat (he's a Bengal cat) likes to eat every now and then. We have seen him eating all sorts of leaves. He loves grass of course. I've grown wheat grass for him and he loves it. But this moss thing is recent. To be fair the moss wasn't as high before. Now it's quite thick. He has no change in behaviour or appetite. If anything, he seems a little more hyper. Since he is already quite hyper, it's saying something. But he seems to digest it just fine.

Cat has loved moss since 1yr
by: Meghann

Our cat Ash also loves moss. He brings it onto our stairs or into our room at night. And when he brings it into our room, he makes all sorts of high pitched meows and then jumps on the bed with aloud puff to get lots of love. While it's annoying to pick up every morning (especially with a lovely worm in it), he's a very healthy cat with no behavior issues. I'm also a vet tech, if that makes my statement more believable, as far as his health. Lol. While some cats may have anxiety or health issues, there's no correlation between that and the moss. (:

Moss eating
by: Anonymous

Hi, my cat is a house cat and we have recently been able to let him out on a flat roof where there is lots of moss. Ever since we have let him out he has been really poorly, being sick and runny poos, there is no access for anyone or anything to get to this roof as it's so high up so I'm worried that this is the loss making him poorly. We have kept him on the same food since he was 8 weeks old and he has a healthy appetite! Please help!

Moss Balls!
by: Anonymous

I have two 5 month old kittens and the girl Florence has started bringing Moss balls in almost as if they are presents for me! The other kitten Albert seems to be skittish around them and won't go near them! I'm at my witts end with her bringing them in and I'm sick of hoovering!! Any ideas?! X

by: Irish

My cat has also started to bring in balls of moss and scatter it about... It's the end of summer and start of Autumn, I wonder if this is instinctive behaviour to warm the den for the winter?

But not so cute as moss contains lots of little insects and perhaps lice.... so keep an eye on that little muggy ;)

Siamese cat eats & vomits moss
by: Dan

For years, my 12-year old Siamese male cat has eaten and then vomited moss. I know that it's natural for cats to eat grass and moss. I think, in his case, it's a habitual behavior related to anxiety. My other two cats (female Russian Blue & female Tabby) do not eat the moss. However, all three cats do enjoy eating cat nip plants, which I get from the pet store.

same situ
by: Amy

I have a 6 month old kitten who has only started doing this today! he brought in 3 different 'moss balls' in the space of 15 minutes! i'm not even sure where he is getting them from. so happy he's not the only crazy cat xx

my little 1 loves modd
by: nylah's dad

well you are not alone. My cat nylah has developed well a moss fetish? She is constantly bringing in balls of moss and tossing them around the house. then she loses interest in that ball she leaves it and then gets a new 1 when she wants it. (it is nasty stepping on 1 at 2am when you step on 1 barefoot headed for the bathroom so your not the only 1

Any ideas of stopping this?
by: Marty

Hi, My cat does the same thing!! We have no idea where she gets it from.
Have any of you been able to stop your cats from doing this or did they eventually stop by themselves? Thanks :)

cats and moss
by: sandra

We have 4 cats and only one of them seems to do the moss thing. She is constantly bringing in large peices of it and leaving it all over the house. Doesn't play with it or anything, but when she brings it in she makes a lot of noise as if to announce her big find!

Good to know my cat is not the only one
by: Anonymous

Thanks Diane, it's conforting to know that my cat is not the only one doing it. He gets the clumps of moss from the roof and brings it in as a gift which is so sweet but it really does make such a mess! My other cat is not interested in the moss, just the boy it.


Cats eating moss
by: Anonymous

Hi I am having the ame problem everyday I am seeing big chunks of green moss in the house that the cats keep bringing in and can't understand why.

At least I know Im not the only one


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