Cat excessive Licking of Fur

by Michelle Williams
(Fort Mill, SC)

My cat is excessively licking her fur, and has about seven bald, scabby spots all on her sides, and rear end. I have a dog that she has grown up with (she is a little over a year old), so I don't think it is a problem with getting used to the dog or anything like that. She always eats Friskies Indoor cat food, so I don't think it is an allergy with the food. I always use Fresh Step litter, so I don't think it is the litter. I am at a loss as to what is next, so I could use some help!

Thank You!

Answer by Kate

Cat fur loss can be due to several things such as allergies (household products etc) or from parasites (mites , fleas etc) but it can also be due to anxiety. this is where the cat over grooms to help themselves relax.

Unfortunately it is difficult to say exactly what the cause is without first having the cat looked at by a vet to make sure that there are no physical causes for her to over groom.

It really is a case of elimination from your point of view. if you could get her to the vets for a check up that would be the best option first, then if nothing can be found, it is time to start to look at any other possible changes in or outside the home.

i do have a web page about cat fur loss which you may find of further interest here

best wishes Kate

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