Cat excessively licking bottom of tail

My app. 10 yo healthy neutered indoor cat "escaped" a few weeks ago and had his first and only rather long (7 hour) outside excursion. (There are several stray cats that hang about.)

About 4 days ago, he started licking his bottom area so furisouly that he has licked all the hair around his anus and up the bottom base of his tail completely off. The area looks very sore and pink.

I do not see any evidence of worms or trauma, other than his own self-inflicted licking.

He has always been a meticulously clean boy and never ill. He still is a big eater and drinker and his activity level has not changed. The only thing that has in anyway been altered is his 1 trip outside (no change in food, kitty litter, etc.).

Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this?

A million thanks in advance for your thoughts, ideas and help!

Answer by Kate

Hi well it could be down to over grooming caused by recent stresses due to his outing. This occurs when cats feel anxious about something and use grooming as a sort of comforter, unfortunately this can cause sores etc.

The other possibilities are parasites, mites etc or even a skin allergy to something.

I have a page about all of this here

To find out for sure and to get some medication then a trip to the vets is the only option.

best wishes kate

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My Kitten is licking the end of its tail until it is all slobbery and shiny
by: Myo The Kitten

My Kitten names Myo started to lick the end of his tail until it’s Slobbery and wet and shiny but when he does it, it concerns me. I don’t know why he is doing this.
I looked at the end and there is nothing there, When he is licking his tail he is pushing with his paws and pulling the blanket with his claws and does that until I remove his tail from his mouth!?! Please tell me why my 5 month old Kitten is doing that!?!?

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