Cat eye infection?

by Tracy
(Hartford, CT)

I was away for a few days visiting my daughter and my boyfriend was home with our 2 cats. Our cat Bootsie who is almost 3 years old looks like he has a infection possibly in his right eye. My boyfriend said it looks a lot better now than it did the other night..he wouldn't even tell me because he knew I would have wanted to come home. His eye is open ..its just a little smaller than the other and there is a little gunk which looked a little yellow in the corner of his eye. My boyfriend has been wiping it with a rag every time he notices it. he did it once tonight already. Other than that he is eating normal and playing as he always does. Should I call a vet about this or could it possibly clear up on its own. is there stuff over the counter for something such as this? You will probably tell me a vet should look at it. I know it is hard to diagnose something unless you can see it. I love your advice and I love your site.

I know sometimes us humans get things and they go away on its own . My boyfriend thinks we should wait on the vet because it is looking better than it did yesterday. I know I had a horrible cold that lasted almost a month and that went away on its own. If you could just give me your opinion that would be great.

Thank you so much and thank you for your wonderful site.


Answer by Kate
thanks Tracy for your kind words about my site, I do work hard to make it as good as possible, a full time job :)

regarding the eye well yes if it is just lightly infected then it may go away on its own. Your boyfriend is doing the right thing by trying to keep it clean.

there are things you can but eye drops etc available online or at some pet shops.

please see my web page about cat eye issues, there is also a link at the top to a product, you may want to look at its fuller description from the seller or perhaps look at some of their other products. they seem to have a wide range of products for all sorts of conditions and many of my visitors seem to buy from them. Maybe they will have something for your cat. Or as I say your local pet store may have something.

of course keep an eye on it and if it does not clear up within a few days or if it gets any worse then yes a vet visit would be in order in case he also needs some antibiotics.

best wishes Kate

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Cat eye infection
by: Tra cy

Thank you Mary for your reply!

We took Bootsie to the vet today which ended up costing $100. He has a infection most likely due to being scratched by our new little kitty. Luckily his cornea isn't scratched. He has a ointment that has to be applied every 12 hours. I am glad its over and he should start looking better in a couple of days. I hate it when he isn't well. Bootsie meowed the whole way to the vet, but he is always quiet on the way home. He must know he is going home.

Thanks again,

Cat Eye Infection
by: Mary in NC

Hello Tracy,
I have been in rescue for several years and seen many forms of eye infections in cats.
Some are easily treatable and not contagious to other cats but some are.
Most eye infections in cats are conjunctivitis which is either a viral or bacterial infection equivelent to human "pink eye".
It is always best to take your cat to the vet and get meds which are designed to clear up the infection but in the case that your not able to take the cat to the vet then the best remedy is to clean the eye with a clean, slightly warm cloth several times a day until the eye clears up on its on.
NOTE: when cleaning out the eye make sure you wipe from the inside corner (near the nose) to the outside of the eye (opposite corner).
This is to make sure your not wiping the infection back into the eye.
This should show signs of improvement within a few days to a week.
If the symptoms persist after a week then you definatly need to seek the assistance of a qualified vet as it could be related to something more serious such as 'feline herpes" ect) which needs to be treated with proper meds.
Your cat is very lucky to have owners that love him enough to seek advice on his care.
Good luck to you and your kitty.

Mary in NC

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