Cat fighting

I have two cats brother and sister raised together from babies. The vet fixed both cats so they can,t reproduce. Everyday the boy fights the girl for about 15 min. i want to no why he fights her everyday always in the afternoon.

Answer by KAte
Are you sure they are actual aggressive fights? i ask this as often cats playing can look like a fight with kicking and what looks like biting etc, but actually is only a game. My own two will have these so called bundles about three times a day every day but they are just games. there are no claws, or real bites or growling of hissing.

Real cats fights are normally more about hissing and growling at each other with swipes etc. Cats also do not like to risk injury so when one cats gets angry the other cat will usually back off.

I would suggest that these are games and is probably more to do with them trying to gain dominance over each other. But as i say if you don't see any scratches or bites or hear any growling and hissing then i would not worry. ;)

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