Cat Food Issues

by June Tucker
(Mesa, Az.)

I am a fairly new cat owner. Two questions about food. Should I leave dry food for him during the day so he
can eat when he wants? I give him canned in the evening. This cat, Jasper, a Ragdoll, wants to eat 24/7. And he's gaining weight. He meows non-stop if I don't feed him when he wants to be fed.

The other question is that I worry about the quality of the food that I buy him. I don't feel all that good about getting grocery store food. Who knows what's in it. So I bought him some really healthy dry food online (Life's Abundance)
He turned his nose up at it. Wouldn't touch it. So I wasted my money. I want him to have food that will prevent disease and taste good. Any suggestions? He's about 5 yrs. old but don't know exactly. I bought him from a
breeder from someone who returned him when his previous owner died.

Answer from Kate
if your cat is gaining weight your best option is to look at the recommended daily allowance for your cats age and weight of the particular food you decide to buy for him and feed him 2 to 3 meals a day keeping within this total daily allowance. Cats like routine and so feeding him smaller meals 2 or 3 times a day will help to stop him crying for food all the time as they get used to the routine and know that more food is on the way.

As for leaving dry biscuits out , i would only do this once he has lost his excess weight. and then only leave a little out.

As to what sort of food, well every cats taste is different so often it is an experiment to see what they like best. However as long as you are feeding them a top branded make of food i don't think you have to worry about the quality. The only one i would avoid is Go Cat which has had some bad nutritional reports here in the UK.

I have some pages here about cat food and nutrition which you may find of further interest here is the first page

best wishes Kate

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Cat Food Issues
by: Sherie

Most cats are very finicky about their food. Our cat had an operation due to her constipation issues. We HAD to change her to wet food (canned). I knew this would be difficult as our cat would not touch the wet food. Wet food as more moisture which helps with the movement of feces in their intestines. Our vet feels a balance of dry and wet food is best. Royal Canine is an excellent food for cats. The trick is how to get your cat to change their food. We did this with our cat by slowly incorporating the new dry food mixed together with the brand your cat likes. At first mix a larger portion. Example mix 1/4 new food 3/4 of the brand your cat likes. Continue to make changes each week and soon your cat will be should be eating 100% of the new brand. If you have not discarded the expensive food you purchased give it a try with Life's Abundance. Good luck to you!

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