Cat Foster Mum

by Dorothy

My daughter nagged and nagged for a cat and in the end we had 4. As time went by 4 became 3 and 3 became 4 and now we're down to 3 again.

I am now a foster mum to many cats and do voluntary work for Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre. It is so important that we help these rescue centres to survive as god knows where all these cats would go. At the moment I am hand rearing 3 beauties and when I look at them I well up and cry thinking of what their plight may have been.

Cats come in all shapes and sizes but we seem to want the best looking or the best colour and many cats are ignored because they're not the right colour etc. It is important that we choose a cat for its personality and not for ascetics. I have taken 2 little boys and their mother back to Freshfields this morning so that they may find a their forever homes and I know deep down that they will be there a little longer because they are black and white. I urge people to look beyond the aesthetic and to look deep into their hearts. All cats and kittens have the capability to love and show affection, so don't be choosy! I have always chosen a kitten by following this rule: I always choose the one that comes to me first.

This way the cat/kitten has chosen you as their human.

Comment by Kate (site owner)
Thank you for your wonderful submission and all I can say is here here to all that you have said. God bless the humans who care for the kitties and god bless the kitties too. :)

Beauty is as beauty does
by: Erica

Those black and white kittens may not be there all that long. Everyone loves a kitten, and I think black and white cats are gorgeous. If I think so, I'm sure there are a lot of other people who think so too. Besides, even the most closed minded person would fall in love with a pet that wasn't the color they were looking for when they make that special connection. It's that loving nature that counts, which a cat will really show to a person they choose.
I love animals
by: Laura

I will take all of them I don't care what they look like I just love all animals

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