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i had a question, my cat has this tiny leash we put on her if she misbehaves for 10 minutes, the other day she got it tied up around her left leg and started freaking out, like screaming painful screams. is there a sensitive spot on cats legs? im really worried about her.

Answer by Kate
Hi well I am a litle worried about the fact that you put a leash on her when she "misbehaves". i don't undestnd what you think this will achieve. I am not critising i am just not sure why you are doing it.

cats do not learn, react or behave liek humans at all. So using methods to disciple a child or another person simply does not work. Also your definition of misbehaving and what your cat is actually doing are probably two completely different things. cats don't misbehave they are just being and coing cat things. they have no concept of what being bad or naughty is. So any attempt to tell them off will be completely misunderstood and in all likelyhood will simply make your cat scared of you.

I would say that that is what has happened in this case. cats often act with aggression when they are fearful and your cat freaking out would mean that she ws stressed by the situation of the leash being put on.

I know you love and care for your cat and so can i ask that you read my page about cat dicipline it is a page that will explain how cats think and behave and how we can teach them what we consider to be unacceptable behaviour by using their language, something they will understadn and will learn by. here is the page

Don't worry i'm sure your cat was not in pain, only reacting to the situation.

best wishes kate

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