Cat Freaking Out

by Kaitlin
(New York)

Okay so I was sitting on my bed, and my cat was laying near me. Then all of a sudden she started making a crying sound that I've never heard her do, and move closer to me and spread full out. I thought it was weird so I just petted her to calm her down, because usually she's quiet and still. Then she started freaking out, she had her claws out and moving all around. So I picked her up and she freaked out more, so I put her down and she started walking but holding up her leg, then she was fine, and walking normal. It's not her being in heat, because she just got done with that a few days ago. I have no idea what happened and it freaked me out. I need to bring her to the vet because she's about a year and a half years old and she's super tiny. Do you possibly know what happened? I appreciate you reading this.

Answer by Kate
well this does sound odd. in my experience cats can freak out like this for two reasons. 1. they are sort of dreaming and what they dreamed about has scared them, like being chased etc. So they wake up confused and cats usually react to being afraid with aggression.

the other reason is that she experienced a sharp sudden pain. Now what caused this is impossible to say.

I think you are definitely right to be taking her to the vets for a check up. It is always better to be safe than sorry I feel.

I hope she is Ok

best wishes kate

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