Cat From Sudden Affection, To Not Eating.



A little awhile ago my cat started getting really affectionate towards me. He'd try and get under the blankets with me when I left, started getting more play full, even followed me downstairs despite how much he hates our dogs. He's an outdoor cat, and I only live at the house he lives in every other week (My mother lives there and my parents have joint custody), according to her when I'm not around he tends to stay outside for almost the whole week until I come back. then suddenly last night when I arrived home my cat was not so affectionate, he slept on the end of the bed instead of on top of me, he normally comes when I call but wouldn't be prompted to leave his spot. When I picked him up he just stayed where I left him, and when I pushed him off me to get something he just sat still where I left him. Worried I got him tuna in hopes of finding he was just being lazy today, he got up, smelled the food, and then ignored it. He's never ignored tuna before, so I got him water, which he also smelled then ignored. I can't find any cuts on him, but his fur is pretty thick and it can be hard to tell.

About 7 months ago he was attacked by an animal and along with being quarantined had to get his tail cut off, his quarantine ended. I was thinking possibly it could be his tail but I'm really not sure, I'm also worried maybe he got attacked again, he should have his shots but is this a possible sign of rabies, and if not is there even anything wrong with him?

I would appreciate any help you can give, by the way Aru is about 3 or 4 years old and is obviously male.

Answer by Kate
Hi well if this behavior has only just happened it could simply be a virus that will pass in a day or so. A bit like when us humans get a cold or a virus, it makes us feel a bit grotty and so we just want to be left alone and sleep etc.

My best advice would be to keep an eye on him for another day or so and if there are no changes then a trip to the vets is the only answer. Hopefullly it is just a virus which will pass.

best wishes Kate

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