cat gags at science diet i/d food

by pauline

zazie and geri black siamese

zazie and geri black siamese

my male siamese ,Zazie,15 possibly 16 has had a rough few months. he has a non malignant slow growing tumor near or on his thymus. he had a cyst like sac which was aspirated. it has not returned 3 months later and because of or in spite of this condition he has had diarrhea and lost 1/2 lb. he vomited foam and it was horrific. he also took flagyl and really had a bad reaction. he has now been improving with canned i/d and dry. he has a tiny bit of tuna to inspire him to eat . he now gags at the smell of i/d and it takes him like 4 hrs to work up the gumption to eat it. Ive added a tiny bit of metamucil to it and also probiotic powder. he looks better and loses or gains 2 oz per week but is not wasting away or vomiting. he eats if given an e stimulant or if he's really hungry . when he approaches this food he gags and it makes me sad and worried and sick. id like him to have stabilization. he does have slight light colored greenish grey diarrhea on occasion , the metamucil seems to help. he doesnt appear to be be in pain. he also drinks like to see him not gag. why does he do this , its not choking but I think nausea.any insites?

Answer by Kate
sadly i don't i'm afraid. gagging may be a sign that there is some irritation in his throat rather than the food actually causing him to feel sick.

My cat recently gagged at his food and he couldn't eat for several days and was vomiting a lot. it turned out that he had something in his throat or nose as he was also sneezing. luckily for us whatever it was must have either dislodged or dissolved. the vet had advised us to see how he was over a period of a week and as i say luckily it went.

But in your cats case because he has had so much going on with him, i would not like to say that this is the case with your cat, the medication may be having an affect or there may be something happening in his throat or nose and i'm afraid only a another trip to the vets will be able to say for sure i think.

i do hope the cause can be found for him soon as it is never pleasant to see your cat in distress, I know.

besty wishes Kate

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17 year old cat
by: Apatdistelnonymous

My cat is on I/d cat food most times she is good but like now she has been sick and loose stools as l put my cat on this food because she was allergic to most food I,m starting to worry it's not as good as it's suppose to be has other people had this problem

by: Anonymous

my cat gagged because the very smell of science diet made him ill. Many gastro specialists agree, most cats hate science diet because it isn?t good food. it smells bad the quality is subpar. after extensive research zazie is fine and he doesn?t eat science diet i suggest anybody who has been recommended this food research it on line. There are many premium foods available. Which are better quality tasting such as Purina ev,raw foods and i'ams gastro food. Don?t believe the hype

thanks and improving
by: Anonymous

zazie has mproved on better food. i switched him to purina ev canned and kibble which he ate with gusto. the gagging was a reaction to the scentof science diet. many cats hate science diet. he now eats ev, fancy feast, archtype raw and epigen kibble from wysong. he has stabilized and he is also taking transfer factor an immune booster.

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