Cat Gallery - B

Cat gallery of cats who's name begins with B. 

Bo and Luke

Welcome to Bo's and Lukes cat photos page.

My name is Bo

Bo lives in Walthamstow, UK, with his brother, Luke. He is a rambunctious little chap with a huge personality, who doesn't stand for any nonsense.

He loves Dreamies cat treats (although doesn't like to share them with his brother) and playing chase with Alistair, the cat from down the road.

He really hates going to the vets (he nearly took a chunk out of the vet's arm last time).
Although he jealously guards his "hard-man" image, he'll curl up next to you in bed or brush around your wet legs when you have just come out of the shower. So long as you don't tell anyone!

and this is my brother Luke

Although he is a sensitive chap at heart, he has a mischievous streak and is an insatiable explorer, who loves to go off and investigate what is going on the neighbourhood.

Luke is a real bon vivant: he loves cheese (especially brie), roast lamb and chicken, and a little bit of fresh cream; but his favourite is fresh tuna fish. When he is not off on his travels, he loves to roll over and be tickled on his tummy and to sneak into your chair as soon as you stand up. He particularly loves to lie in the middle of the bed so, to get in, you have to contort yourself around him.


My name is Marc and this is cat Bootsy.

Sex: Male

Age: 11

Lives in:Staten Island, USA

Her favourite food is: Chicken & Yogart

This is what I like doing the best: Eating, Sleeping and exploring the back yard.

Her funny habits are:

Wake me up everyday to feed him.

How I found my cat:

He got me... I used to feed him everyday around the corner and then he followed me home. That was it, I opened the door and he came in

I am a well-behaved, friendly cat who enjoys the great indoors & the great outdoors When I am not busy sleeping in the sun on Suzanne's lounge chair, I enjoy playing with my toys and gazing out the window. I am litter-box trained.

I have been the beloved animal companion of Laura & Marc & Mikey for nine years.

I became a Food Professional because I love to eat!

I also love my Aunt Suzanne, Lola, Peety, Madonna & Lou.

Blackie and Onyx

My name is Cheryl and these are my cat Blackie and Onyx's.

Name:Blackie & Onyx

Sex: Male

Age: 11 & 9 weeks old

Lives in:Fort Leonard Wood, USA

Their favourite food is:well right now they are eating purina kitten chow. They love it!

This is what they like doing the best:
The boys love to chase each other through the house, catch each other and roll around play fighting.

Their funny habits are:

Well, Onyx for some strange reason, doesn't cover his poop in the litter box, he just does it and walks away. I can always tell whose poop is who's, cause Blackie does cover his, and really well too.
Blackie likes to bat at the water in there bowl and lick it from his little paws.

How I found my cats:

I got both boys from a farm and feed store that takes in litters of kittens then sells them for 1.00. They are not de wormed and have had no shots yet, so as soon as i got my kitten i took him to the vet to get him all taken care of.


My name is Abby and this is my cat Baby.

Sex - Female

Age - 8 months

Lives In - Ottawa, Canada

My favorite food - Fancy Feast seafood

This is what I like to do the best - eating playing and acting like a dog:P and sleeping

My funny habits are -when we first got her she was "exploring" and then found the toy but before we knew it she started growling at it like a god we thought that she was a dog who got transferred into a cat( well my daughter thought that) and we just laughed while she bit and plyed with it 10 mins later she fell asleep with it

How I found my cat - my best friend gave me her as a birthday present

baby is a wonderful cat who just loves to cuddle and because we have allergies to dogs, we got her and ever since she has made us the happiest people on earth! When we come home from work or school(my children)she comes running to us like a little puppy, we called her baby because she will always be our little baby and also because our 2 year old (Anna) named her it. once she saw her she was like BABY! and we thought its perfect! and tha'ts our story... We hope that you vote!

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