Cat Gallery - S

Cat gallery of cats who's name begins with S. Enjoy


My name is Lesa and this is my cat Sebastian. 

Sex: Male

Age: 1

Lives in: Wichita Falls, United States

His favourite food is: Tuna

This is what I like doing the best: Playing with the other cats outside

His funny habits are: He likes sleeping between me and my husband.

How I found my cat: Found him as a kitten soaking wet in the rain.

I have never been big on cats but this little guy has made me have a totally different outlook on cats. I have domesticated him,got his shots, neutered him and he in return for my love is so sweet to me.

He likes to sleep right by my head and loves to exfoliate my face with his tounge.He is one of the most beautiful cats I believe I have ever seen inside & out.He makes me laugh and smile all the time with his bubbly personality and playfulness.

He is now 7 months old.I think if I were to lose him a piece of my heart would be ripped out.


My name is Robert and this is my cat Shrya

Sex: Male

Age: 13

Lives in: Toronto, Canada

His favourite food is: Dry Mix, and Meow Mix Ocean treats

This is what I like doing the best: Sleeping at this age, but likes to lay on everyone as well. He is a heat user, you think he is cuddling, he's not, he just wants the warmth.

His funny habits are: Eats dust. Howls at nothing while staring at the wall!

How I found my cat: A friends family had a stray hanging around their country home, so we visited and he was too personable and loving to not take him home!

Shrya was named after a German word Shryen (sp) which means to scream or howl. And he does this quite well if he isn't getting what he wants. Very vocal at times, but we've been buddies for about 10 years and he gets the point with a hiss from me. :)


My name is Samantha and this is my cat Sterling.

Sex: Female

Age: 3

Lives in: Cocoa, United States

His favourite food is:
My cat drinks my coffee with me every morning, she actually gets her own cup now.

This is what I like doing the best: Chasing lizards, napping, and stealing my chair.

His funny habits are: Everything she does is funny

How I found my cat: Sterling was a stray who found me and we've been together ever since!

I found my cat abandoned by a military family. She came as a gift from God because i was dealing with many losses of things closest to me, including my family. I desperately needed somebody and out of the bushes she came frightened and hungry.

we had an immediate bond. As i left the next day she was standing on the street corner and that's where she was when i returned. She has been my companion for almost 3 years and i love her immensely.

She loves being outside in the sun and chasing anything that moves, otherwise she takes naps to fill the rest of her time. She's my best friend and I'd do anything for her happiness.


My name is Renee and this is my cat Snuggles.

Sex: Female

Age: 2

Lives in: South Glens Falls, USA

Her favourite food is: Meow mix and fancy feast

This is what I like doing the best: Kissing 

Her funny habits are: she is always licking my face non-stop 

How I found my cat: She was homeless so I took her in.

She is very special to me she was a stray and when we took her in she was starving,covered in fleas,cold,and she looked like she was abused her tail is broken and she has teeth missing.

Its so sad.but now she is spoiled and taken care of and she is so nice and friendly.Thats why she is so spacial to me.


My name is Ismail and this is my cat Sniffles.

Sex: Male

Age:3 months

Lives in:Manila, Philippines

His favourite food is: Tuna and Bread

This is what I like doing the best: Sleep on the couch

His funny habits are:Playing with the wires, crawling under the fridge.

How I found my cat: picked him up from my gfs friends house

We got this precious little fella from a friend of my lovey, he is 2 months old and i called him sniffles because I was sniffing all morning before getting him. he is quite playful and yet enjoys confined places. The little bugger brings us such joy it only raised a question why didn't we get a cat sooner


My name is Jordan and this my cat Sophie.

Sex: Female

Age: 2 1/2

Lives in: Bangkok, Thailand

Her favourite food is: Her salmon treats and her science diet wet food

This is what I like doing the best: sleeping 

Her funny habits are: She drinks water from the plant in the living from but not from her bowl. 

How I found my cat: I bought her from the pet store.

My cat Sophie was a very special cat I love her and miss her more than anything. She is my fluffy white princess. She was the runt of the litter when she was just a baby she was small and sick and she grew up into a lovely playful big cat.


My name is Sharon and this is my cat Soxx.

Sex: Female

Age: 1

Lives in: Preston, United Kingdom

Her favourite food is:any food

This is what I like doing the best: Sleeping

Her funny habits are: yeah she likes the taps

How I found my cat: Soxx was left in a box with her brothers and sisters and my friend found them, she is very timid but has turned out to be a loving cat and would not do without her.

she is a nutter. lol, she is a softy who jumps at every noise, but is so funny with what she does and quite cleaver too.


My name is Emma and this is my cat Sox.

Sex - Female

Age - 4 months

Lives In - Dorset, England

My favorite food - Whiskas

This is what I like to do the best - Attacking your feet in a playful manner, licking your nose, Eating and purring

My funny habits are - she chases things that don't actually exist. She also arches her back and hunches over whilst pouncing sideways for no apparent reason. She has a very unique meow when in playful mode and loves Catnip!

How I found my cat - bought her locally off a kitten breeder

she is extremely inquisitive and so much fun and so full of beans, very unpredictable and totally crazy. absolutely brilliant pet and we love her totally. she has a very unique Meow and she is just one of a kind. she runs to the door to greet us when we come home from work like a dog would and is like one of the family for sure. we wouldnt have her any other way. such a happy cat :)


My name is Jackie and this is my cat Sooky.

Sex - Male

Age - 15

Lives In - Tasmania, Country: Australia

My favorite food - Fancy feast the wet ones Whiskas the dry cat food.

This is what I like to do the best - Sleeping and going of he head.

My funny habits are - Sleeping in boxes and sitting on your Shoulder.

How I found my cat - One of my friends gave to me.

My cat name is Sooky why he so Special to me he is always they for me and when he what to get pick up he put his claw in your leg. Sooky is a Moggie Non-Pure Breed male, he is an inside cat but some time he love to get out. He is my family baby and he now it to Sooky is a 15 year old but he think he is a kitten when he run around jumping at people getting my friend kids corner he sit they and watch them to they cry out for they mum or me then we have to get him out when he is out the kids will come in. We love Sooky because he hide on us then we have to go and look for him, under the beds but we fine him in the boxes one of them he got three boxes around the house were he sleeps or he sleep on us. But Sooky is my baby to me that is way he so Special to me


My name is Harriett and this is my cat Seebo.

Sex - Male

Age - 5

Lives In - Plymouth, UK

My favorite food - Fresh chicken and bacon

This is what I like to do the best - Cuddling, playing, being gorgeous.

My funny habits are - He sounds like a chimpanzee!  Hence his nickname 'Monkey'.

How I found my cat - I bought Seebo as a companion as I was ill and housebound.  He was five months old, and a bargain price of £150 (the rest of the litter went for £350 each) because he was the 'runt of the litter'.  He was just a late developer - he's absolutely perfect!


My name is Angela and this is my cat Smudge.

Sex - Female

Age - 10

Lives In - Darlington, UK

My favorite food - Anything fishy!

This is what I like to do the best - Eating!

How I found my cat - She wandered into our house one night and stayed!

My funny habits are: She likes to sit on the windowsill chattering at the birds and playing with her catnip sardine!

Smudge is special because in my eyes she is the cutest cat in the world! everything about her is cute, the way she covers the house in cat hairs, the way she always speaks to us when she wants to be fed, the way she won't go to sleep until i go to sleep, the way she eats EVERYTHING (and i mean everything! beans, peas, even garlic!!) and countless other things!


My name is Nellie and this is my cat Shadow.

Sex - Male

Age - 8

Lives In - Boston, USA
My favorite food - Purina Healthful Life

This is what I like to do the best - Hunting & eating

My funny habits are - Opens ALL kitchen cabinets in the middle of the night

How I found my cat - from the animal shelter 

My shadow is so special in so many ways, very smart he is. We got Shadow from the aninaml shelter 8 yrs ago when he was just a little kitty. Loves to sit with his dad on the rocking chair, it's always a fight for that chair.

Sassy & Fiesty

My name is Laura and these are my cat's Sassy and fiesty.

Sex: Females

Age: 10 weeks old

Lives in: Lansing, USA

Their favourite food is: Iams & rice chicken broth

This is what they like doing the best: Sleeping, Eating, Cuddling and most of all Playing

Their funny habits are: None yet that I noticed

How I found my cat: They was rescued from my job


My name is Olivia and this is my cat Snipper.

Sex: Female

Age: 7

Lives in: United States

Her favourite food is: Purina One 

This is what I like doing the best:
Snipper likes to nap, be with people, or be outside on sunny days.

Her funny habits are: In the winter or when it's cold outside Snipper likes to sleep under the covers.

How I found my cat: My cat was a gift from my uncle when I was very young. We also got her brother, but he died when they were four.

Snipper loves everyone, and nothing fases her. My sister took a video of Snippy in my room and got the camera as close to the cat as she could. Snippy just sniffed the camera, not scared at all. Snip is an indoor/outdoor cat, and she doesn't taunt the neighbor's dog. Strangers don't make Snip nervous like they make my other cat Sparky nervous. Snipper is so trusting and will adore you if you rub her head and face then sroke her. This cat means the world to me. It was tragic when my sweet little cat suffered the loss of her loving brother, Pumpkin. He died three days after his fourth birthday. (R.I.P. Pumpkin April 15, 2001- April 18, 2005.) We all suffered, but then we got our spunky calico Sparky. Nip doesn't like Lark, but she is getting used to her and they don't fight as much.

Snipper is a beautiful long haired, brown tabby cat (the tabby markings are strongest on her face and fade on her back and tail). She is very small, only around seven pounds. When people meet this cat, they comment on her soft fur, her wonderful personalaty, but first they comment on her amazing green eyes. Her eyes are like windowes into Nippys soul, bright and clear like polished green glass. I wake up many mornings to find snipper curled around my head, her tail resting on my shoulder while her little nose is in my ear. I have met many cats in my life, but this cat is unparalleled*.

*there are probably equaly great cats out there, I just haven't met them.


My name is Genine and this is my cat Sarah.

Sex - Female

Age - 10

Lives In - Husum, Washington. was born in Kalispell Montana, travelled by car to Chicago, moved to Germantown MD and got to fly in a plane. Lived in Herndon VA stayed 4 months in motel in Reading PA now lives in Washington

My favourite food - I love tuna. 
As soon as I hear the can opener I run for a treat

This is what I like to do the best - Lay in the sun and look out the window to watch the birds.

My funny habits are - Laying on top of computer mouse to keep it warm

How I found my cat - In a shelter in Kalispell Montana. When we first got her they said she was male so we named her Max, but after the first visit to the vet we found out she was female and changed the name to Sarah.

She is a very sweet cat and loves to cuddle and be held. Also likes to sleep with me and sometimes crawls under the covers.

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