cat gets on work surface

by gina

can u help i have 2 problems with my 7 month old kitten she is becoming a handful she will not stop going on kitchen work surface so how do can i stop that. Also she has started going up and the table and eatting off plates can u help and she is withdraw from people and i dont know what to do now and is a question of time before i am saked to get rid and i dont want to so i really need some help

Answer by Kate
Why would you want to get rid of your cat? i don't understand. The behavior you describe is a simple case of cat doing what cats do, getting into places and on things to explore and also sneaking food where they can.

Obviously it is something we find unacceptable but the cat is not doing anything bad it just has not learned the house rules yet.

The best way to get a cat to stop this is behavior is to pick them up when they are on the work surface and put them back on the floor. Do this without making a sound and do it over and over again every time they get on the work surface or the table.

never give them scraps from your plate or this will confuse them i.e when is it ok to take food from plates etc.

Please see my page about this process here for a more fuller explanation

It does take some time but with persistence the cat will learn.

best wishes Kate

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more concerns
by: gina

thanks for the comments will try that but she only seems to do it when we aint in the kitchen and now she has taken to doing the toilet in her basket and sleeping in her litter tray and i dont know what to do and she is aslo hiding or putting head down and runnig away when my husband comes in the room or goes near her so what can i do

Comment by Kate
sounds like your cat is afraid of your husband, perhaps he needs to spend some time trying to bond with her. This has to be done under her terms and not his. I have a web page which he may find helpful

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